What Was Your Favorite #BATB Moment? via @stacyamiller85 @AustinBasis #Beasties

The Beauty and the Beast Season 4 premiere is only a month away! Beauty and the Beast fans love the show and it’s hard to pick any one reason why. Additionally, there have been many memorable moments in the three seasons the series has aired.

The Nerdy Girl Express would love to hear from fans -What was Your Favorite Beauty and the Beast Moment?

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Favorite moment could include one scene or an entire storyline.  Or perhaps an actor uttered an unforgettable line. This should be an interesting challenge.  I can think of more than 10 moments that stand out in my mind so I’m sure other beasties feel the same.

If interested, submissions are due by June 1, 2016. Please send your responses to: stacyamiller86@gmail.com

Comments? Sound off below. Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .



2 thoughts on “What Was Your Favorite #BATB Moment? via @stacyamiller85 @AustinBasis #Beasties

    1. S1-the entire pilot, the artist’s studio, the army flashbacks, their first dance, when he lifts her out of the mangled car, first kiss💜❤️, first “I love you”, first time, fire escape scenes

      S2-the sexual tension in “Kidnapped”, the kisses in “Hothead” and “Reunion”, the banter and frustration in “Ancestors”, all of the scenes when they were being “friends” but clearly working their way back together, the big reunion💜❤️, the Fab Four fighting the bad guys, Alistair and Rebecca and that final scene on the park bench😊

      S3-the engagement scene💜💙, V going primal, Bob and Carol, both wedding dresses, Jason Gedrick (an awesome villian), and of course, the Rooftop Wedding❤️🍾😃🎉

      I know this long, but I’m obsessed. In addition, all of the bromance scenes, Vincent’s abs, JT’s lines, Vincent’s chest, Tess (because she’s awesome), any and all parts of Jay Ryan😍.

      Thanks for collecting responses!


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