Wrath of the Villains: Unleashed @Gotham recap via @luckynerdgirl

Well, we are down to the final few episodes of this season of Gotham! The intensity has been building and building as we climb closer to finding out the truth about the Wayne’s murder, how Hugo Strange is involved and how Gotham City’s villains are getting weirder and weirder. Here is your warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Let us start with Hugo Strange. We know by now that he was definitely involved in the demise of the Wayne’s, but I’m still not sure as to what extent. We found out that Thomas Wayne discovered he was doing terrible experiments on people and had his project shut down. But when Jim Gordon tries to investigate, Hugo tells a very different story making himself out to be the honorable one. Yeah right! Harvey and Jim serve Strange with a search warrant for his office, but when they go to search, they notice that the office is completely clean except for a giant bag of freshly shredded documents ready for the trash. That doesn’t seem suspicious at all does it? Unfortunately for the boys, the parameters of the search warrant only cover Hugo’s office. Remember, it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove!


While all that drama is going on, there is still a crazed lunatic running around Gotham. Sorry, not specific enough? This is Gotham after all. I’m speaking of Azrael a.k.a Theo Galavan. He is still on his mission to kill Jim Gordon, but now that he has no weapon, he is on the hunt to find one to complete his holy mission.

Since Bullock and Gordon are on the sidelines until another warrant comes through to search more at Arkham, they keep themselves busy by trying to bring Azrael to justice for what he did to Captain Barnes. Unfortunately they aren’t sure where to find him. But they do know where to find his sister Tabitha. Just as she is about to try and skip town, the boys show up and ask for her help. She reluctantly agrees and tells them about that she knows where the real sword of Azrael is. Gotham Cemetery. Harvey isn’t too thrilled about grave robbing, but Jim seems fairly at home with the idea. When they open the crypt to Tabitha’s grandfather, they find the illusive sword. They aren’t the only ones though. Of course, Azrael shows up right at that moment to collect.


Tabitha can’t stand to see her brother like this, so she tries to get through to him by getting him to remember who he really is – Theo Galavan. It seems to work because he starts seeing flashes of his former life. The only problem with that is that he remembers what he was plotting during that time. To kill the Son of Gotham, Bruce Wayne. The Azrael persona remains intact and now he has a new mission. To fulfill that which he failed to do before. And as a last farewell, he turns Tabitha into a kabob with his new sword.

With this news, Jim frantically tries to get in touch with Alfred to warn him that Bruce isn’t safe. But as we saw earlier in the episode, Bruce wasn’t at home. He was out trying to get Selina to help him break into Arkham Asylum to find out any information he could on Hugo Strange and what he is doing there.

Selina thinks Bruce is crazy for going after these people and she keeps telling him that he’s going to get himself killed. Awww, it’s so cute when they care! She finally agrees to help him when Bruce tells her that her friend Bridget was sent there. So now it becomes an intel/rescue mission. Selina makes a point that if she gets caught at Arkham, they will more than likely just throw her out. She’s a nobody. But if Bruce got caught, they might keep him there, or worse, kill him. So he agrees to stay behind and let Selina do what she’s best at!

Back at Wayne manor, Alfred and Bruce are trying to get the house locked up to make it harder for Galavan to get into the house. Unfortunately, locked doors and windows aren’t going to stop him. He gets inside and all hell breaks loose. Alfred goes total badass and straight up sword fights Azrael to protect young Master Wayne. Alfred is his guardian, but I think he thinks of him as a son sometimes. Alfred gets incapacitated though sending Bruce fleeing for his life. Azrael comes looking for him and finds him in the garage, but not before Bruce finds Galavan with the front of a car at high speed. It slows him down a bit, but certainly doesn’t stop him. He is amazingly strong and seems at times like he could be immortal. Just as he’s about to go after Bruce, Jim shows up and empties his gun into him. Alfred, Bruce, and Jim all take a moment to breath thinking that its over. Apparently they’ve never seen a horror film before. Sure enough, Azrael gets back up. He really must be immortal. As Gordon tries to shoot him again, he realizes that he’s out of bullets. Now what will they do?

He may be late to the party, but only fashionably late! Penguin comes to the rescue with Butch and tells Jim, that in the future, he needs to make sure he brings the right tools for the job. Cue Butch with the bazooka! I don’t think the immortality clause covers exploding into tiny bits.


With Azrael finally gone, all is well. Or is it? Remember how Selina went to Arkham to find Bridget? Well, she found her in the basement. And she has obviously been altered. She doesn’t remember anything, but Strange is making sure that she doesn’t. She doesn’t remember that Selina is her friend. And when Selina tries to persuade her, Bridget just thinks that it is another test. She also tells her that she is not Bridget, she is Firefly! The episode ended there.


What horrors await our sly Kat? Will our heroes get to her in time?  Two episodes left and I’m on the edge of my seat already! Did you watch the episode? Let me know what you though in the comments down below!

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