@Gotham Season 2 Finale recap via @luckynerdgirl

Things are going to get really weird in the streets of Gotham after the season finale of Gotham last night. Prepare yourself, if you haven’t seen the finale, this will contain spoilers!

The episode opened with GCPD storming the front gate at Arkham. Harvey had given the order that if they didn’t hear from Jim in ten seconds, they were to charge in and search every inch of the asylum until they found him. Right as Harvey gives the order to blow the gate, Jim comes out telling everyone that things are fine and to stand down. If you are confused, you’re absolutely right to be. This Jim isn’t our ass kicking detective we are all familiar with. Last week, Jim was taken captive by Hugo Strange and the doc did something to him that gave Clayface aka Basil Karlo the ability to transform himself into a false Jim Gordon. You aren’t the only ones that are confused by this Jim. Harvey and Alfred  both think something is up with Gordon that they can’t quite figure out. Maybe he’s traumatized?gotham_finale

Back at Arkham it is utter chaos. Dr. Strange has been ordered by the “Owl Lady” to move the patients to their upstate facility and to destroy the captives and the Indian Hill laboratory. Hugo, feeling he has no choice, sets up a bomb that will destroy everything within a quarter mile. That’s not very good news for Lucius, Bruce, Gordon, and Selina; but they have enough troubles of their own right now. Lucius and Bruce are forced to play a game of “Truth or Die” with Nygma being their host. This is his insane way of finding out what information they know about Indian Hill and the secret society. Jim is going through a similar situation with Strange. The doc has injected him with truth serum to also find out  just how much Gordon knows about what goes on at Indian Hill and who is behind it all. Neither Bruce and Lucius nor Gordon know about the secret society that is funding whatever it is that Hugo Strange is planning. Unfortunately it’s not enough to save any of them from certain doom. That is until Selina Kyle finds them and tells them about the bomb. Now they have a new mission.

Back at GCPD, “Jim” is seeming more and more odd to everyone around him. They all figure that Strange must have done something to him, but when Barbara Keene comes in to ask for his help, she realizes right away that he is not the real Jim. Everyone else finds out as well right after Barbara punches him in the face, which deforms it. He is Clayface after all! Time to bring in the calvary and get the boys and girl back!

Speaking of Barbara, apparently she is working with Penguin now and he is desperate for revenge against Strange for what he made him endure while he was a prisoner at Arkham. Of course, after he finds a perfect place for his new art piece — his stepmothers head. Oswald seems a bit more insane than he used to be. I think we have Strange to thank for that.

As more of the monsters of Indian Hill are packed onto a transport bus, Ms. Peabody goes to collect Subject 13 — Fish Mooney. Unfortunately for Ms. Peabody, she doesn’t realize that Mooney has special abilities since being reanimated. When Peabody gets close enough to give Fish a sedative, Ms. Mooney takes the opportunity to use her new abilities on Ms. Peabody and in turn is set free. Her freedom is short lived though as they have a run-in with Doctor Strange. He loves his creations, but he is determined not to let them out into the streets of Gotham as that would have disastrous consequences. What those consequences are, I’m sure we will discover that in the next season. With Ms. Peabody under the control of Fish Mooney, she tries to stop Strange from setting the bomb. Unfortunately for her, the doc knocks her out. Hugo locks down the facility and sets the bomb to go off in 30 minutes.

Time is running out for Jim and the others. He enlists the help of Lucius to disarm the bomb while Bruce and Selina escape Arkham. But when they realize that they are locked out of the facility, they get Edward Nygma to help them. He tries to strike a bargain by asking what he gets in return for helping Jim, and Jim replies with the best answer ever. Nygma gets to live. Fair enough. Once inside Indian Hill, Lucius and Jim both try to figure out how to disarm the bomb. Neither one of them is fairing very well though. As the timer ticks down to one minute before detonation, they can’t seem to figure out what to do. Suddenly Ms. Peabody comes to and says water. It seems the lightbulb goes off for both Lucius and Jim and so as the timer counts down, they pour the water on the control board. 5….4….3….2….. Phew…that was close! Looks like everyone is safe.gotham-222-13-530x353

However it can never be that easy can it. When Nygma unlocked the facility, Fish Mooney was able to escape. She hijacked the bus full of monsters and drove off with GCPD units hot on her tail! Just as she seems to be getting the upper hand in the chase, Butch and some other henchmen, you know the ones you get from Henchmen’s-R-Us, assault the bus with a hurricane of gun fire. This causes Fish to crash the bus. Penguin comes out of the shadows thinking that Doctor Strange is on the bus, but is surprised when Fish Mooney pops up instead. Cobblepot faints and everyone else is spooked by seeing Mooney risen from the dead. gotham-2.22-transference-02

Towards the end, Strange has been taken into custody and is fearful of what is to come. Alfred is glad that this is all over with and that they can finally put all this sleuthing behind them. Unfortunately for him, Bruce has other plans. Now he wants to discover who this “secret society” is. Sorry Alfred, if you only knew what was the future held, you’d probably shut him in the broom cupboard! At the close of the finale, a disheveled woman comes upon the crashed bus and hears cries for help coming from inside. She opens the back door trying to help but instead has released the crazy and unusual upon the streets of Gotham.

I can’t wait to see what season 3 has in store for us Gothamites! What did you think of the season 2 finale? Leave your comments below!

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