Beauty&TheBeast Returns In 1Week via @stacyamiller85 @AustinBasis @cwbatb #BATB #Beasties

Only one more week until the Season Premiere of Beauty and The Beast.


As it has been announced that the upcoming fourth season would be the show’s last, the start of Beauty & The Beast’s fourth season is bittersweet. While fans are excited, they don’t want to see the special show in their lives end.

Nonetheless, fans are excited for the season premiere which airs on June 2.  It feels like forever since the finale which found Catherine and Vincent finally becoming husband and wife.  There are different reasons why Beauty and the Beast is such as beloved show among fans.  For me, it’s the strong message of love and friendship. Sure, we have the epic romantic love of Catherine and Vincent, but the bonds of friendship between Vincent and JT, Catherine and Tess as well as the group’s feelings for Catherine’s little sister Heather and she for them makes them capable of conquering insurmountable odds.  Nefarious government agencies, deadly beasties have been no match for this group.  By working together, they come out winners.

And because of this, viewers have been the biggest winners!

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