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It’s finally here! Tonight is the Season Premiere of Beauty and the Beast. It seems like fans have been waiting FOREVER to see what will happen on their favorite show.

When last we left the show, Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) became husband and wife to the joy of their friends JT (Austin Basis) and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) and Catherine’s little sister Heather (Nicole Anderson). But as viewers know, Catherine and Vincent don’t have a traditional hearts and flowers romance so the road to happily ever after is paved with nefarious government agents and beasties. JT, Tess and Heather have had their challenges as well.

 Although fans are actively working to help save the show, at this point this is slated as the final season of Beauty and the Beast.  And as such, I wanted to offer some ideas on what I think fans may want to see in the final season. Writer’s Note:  The opinions expressed here are entirely the author’s and not that of The Nerdy Girl Express.  They may differ from other fans’ opinion.

Catherine and Vincent:

download (1)

Catherine and Vincent’s romance has been filled with danger since the very first moment.  After all, Catherine’s met Vincent when he saved her life.  Since that time, they’ve dodged bullets, explosions and bad guys who have wanted them dead.  There were also times when Catherine was worried that Vincent would cross the line and become a full blown beastie killer. But her love and belief in him helped them weather their relationship storms.  I would love the series to go out on a high note for this couple. A home in suburbia with a white picket fence and a couple of kids.

JT and Tess:


The cop and the professor.  This coupling was a surprised but it worked.  JT’s high intelligence but fun-loving personality helped to balance Tess’ competitiveness and overachieving traits.  Their love and concern for friends Catherine and Vincent ended up blossoming into love for each other. But like Catherine and Vincent, their relationship has hit its own speed bumps.  Tess felt that JT put everyone ahead of her and she ended things with him.  Tess wants a normal life.  She wants to be a great cop, which she is, continue to move up the department ladder and settle down.  I think she believes she may never achieve this with JT.  But in the end, I want this couple together. They bring out the best in each other.


download (2)

Poor Heather.  She is an old-fashioned girl who dreams of love and romance. But unfortunately, she hasn’t had much luck in that department.  The huge wedding she planned for herself never happened.  But great sister that she is, she “gave” it to Catherine, even though it didn’t work out. Once Heather joined ‘Beastie Fighters’ her life has been in constant danger.  Which doesn’t leave much time for dating.  Or a career.  But Heather is a bright and enterprising young woman.  I want to see her have an awesome career and a great guy at the series conclusion.

What do other Beauty and the Beast fans want?  Sound off below.  Or tweet @thernerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .

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