#Supernatural Baby Tells All About Sam & Dean via @stacyamiller85

In Supernatural Season 11 episode “Baby,” viewers got to see a Day in the Life of Dean’s beloved 1967 Chevy Impala.

But what if Baby had the ability of Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T and could actually speak? What would she say about her life and adventures with those hunting Winchesters? For the first time, Baby does speak. How does she feel to be the wheels of Dean? To find out, continue reading.

Writer’s note: This article is a work of the author’s imagination.

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I saved the world by helping stop the Apocalypse! Sam and Dean helped too..a little.

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Hi, I’m Baby and I’m the baddest ass car in the history of bad ass cars. You think you know my story? Well, you may know some of it but not the most important parts. Like did you know that Dean was conceived in my back seat? Yepper, no lie. It was a warm spring night back in April, 1978. John had decided to take Mary for a drive in the country and well the rest they say is history.

So, you can say Dean and I shared a bond from the very beginning.

Those first few years with John, Mary and Dean were quiet and normal. Except for the occasional baby poop (Thanks Dean, thanks for that). Then, baby number two, Sammy came along and six months later on November 2, 1983, all our lives changed forever. Mary was killed and I went from being a family’s loving automobile to a weapons’ arsenal.


My boys, Sam and Dean grew up and then I became Dean’s car. I know Dean loves me but I don’t understand why he insists on keeping me so dirty! The baths I get are few and far between and usually come right before I get totalled, which sucks by the way. I’ve gotten so many new parts that I keep forgetting how to work the old ones!

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I never told anyone about that time Sammy got mad with John, takes me and I get stolen! The kid had just turned 16 and was a newly licensed driver but forgets to lock my door. Sammy is forced to call Dean and tell him about my abduction.  Fortunately, Dean finds me and gives a serious beat down to my kidnappers. Dean, you’re my hero!

When Sammy does leave (smart kid goes to Stanford), Dean and I travel the road together. We’re the heroes of hunting supernatural evil, killing every bad thing in sight.  Classic Rock becomes our battle cry of the road. Don’t get me wrong, I love Classic Rock. Kansas, Journey, AC/DC, Styx those are my boys but once in a while, I wished for some variety in the tunes.

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I sadly got my wish when Dean goes to Hell after making a demon deal to bring Sammy back to life. So, Dean was gone and I became Sammy’s car.  The younger Winchester’s musical taste was more emo but that was okay, I was not in a ‘rocky’ mood after losing my Dean.  But the only thing I didn’t like about being Sammy’s car was Ruby’s constant presence. Chick was a demon! Both John and Dean were surely rolling over in their graves!  When did I become the ‘evil mobile’? And that smells of sulfur, disgusting! Plus Ruby was using my poor Sammy but he was so full of grief and guilt over Dean’s death that he couldn’t see it.

I was so happy when Dean returned from Hell and I was back in the right Winchester’s hands once again. I love Sammy but like a said earlier, me and Dean, we have an unbreakable bond.

Throughout the years, both Dean and I experienced heartbreaks. I got more breaks. And Angels and more Demons sat their angelic and demonic asses on my seat. And also, prophets and ghosts. Sammy also became my owner again when Dean was in Purgatory. But this time instead of a demon in the car, I got a dog, Riot.  And boy, did he shed! Doggy hair everywhere. And the smell.  And seriously, still no baths? Sam was just as bad as Dean. These guys NEVER, EVER Clean me!  It’s annoying and makes a cool car like me want to join the auto show circuit.

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But I have to say, despite everything and the dangers of hunting, I have a great life with the best guys. Sam and Dean Winchester, these dudes are heroes. Saving people, hunting things, the family business.  I’m a part of this family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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