What Kind of Parents Would #BATB Vincent and Catherine Make? via @stacyamiller85

On the recent Beauty and the Beast episode “Something’s Gotta Give,” Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) believed that she could be pregnant and it opened up the conversation with husband Vincent (Jay Ryan) about when they would be starting a family.

Vincent had his doubts about bringing a baby into their dangerous lifestyle. Being pursued by beast hunting bounty hunters was not the kind of world he wanted to bring children into. Additionally, Vincent feared that he could pass down his beast affliction.  Both of these concerns were legitimate and logical.  Because Catherine believed she was already pregnant, her husband saying he didn’t want to start a family wasn’t exactly music to her ears.

Putting all the doubts and dangers aside, would kind of parents would Catherine and Vincent make? They both have demanding jobs.  They also had unresolved issues with their own parents. But what do fans of Beauty and the Beast fans think?

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