#NationalFrenchFryDay @cw_spn’s Ruby Loved French Fries ! via @stacyamiller85 #Supernatural

It’s National French Fry Day.  I plan to celebrate this awesome food event with some McDonalds’ french fries later tonight.  One of our favorite Supernatural demons had a passion for this potato cuisine- Ruby.

When Sam first met Ruby back in the Supernatural Season 3 episode “The Kids Are Alright,” she helped herself to Sam’s plate of fries, and called them “deep fried crack.” I’m thinking that she meant that this greasy delight was as addictive as the dangerous drug.


One season and two meat suits later, Ruby still had a love for french fries.  The first words from the comatose Jane Doe that Ruby possessed in the Season 4 episode “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” was “Who do I have to kill around here to get some french fries?” And the Ruby secretary meat suit that saved Sam’s life in the same episode desperately wanted french fries saying that after what she’d been through in Hell at the hands of Lilith, “I deserve a treat.”

What was it about french fries that made Ruby, a demon who normally shouldn’t be eating, crave them?

If people believe that a burger and fries are the perfect comfort food pairing, then if you think about it, Dean and Ruby should have been an ideal couple!

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