Former #Supernatural Guest Star James Patrick Stuart on #GH as a Cassadine via @stacyamiller85 @japatstu #SPN

Soap veteran James Patrick Stuart who made soap history as Will Cortlandt over twenty years ago on the now defunct All My Children is about to stir up trouble again on ABC’s remaining soap General Hospital.

Stuart debuted on General Hospital last week as mysterious character, who said his name was Theo, on Cassadine Island and indicated that he knew ‘Prince Nikolas’ when questioned by Jason Morgan (Billy Morgan) but hadn’t seen Nikolas since he was a teenager.

This article contains spoilers so be warned to continue reading at your own risk.

Just as it appeared that Ava and Sam were getting through to Nikolas by convincing him to return to Port Charles to face the music for faking his own death, Theo stunned the assembled group, Nikolas, Ava, Sam, Jason, Laura, Lulu, Dante and Kevin by pulling a gun out on them and telling them that they were now his guests (captives?) and weren’t going anywhere.

It was be revealed that Theo isn’t Theo after all, but a long-lost Cassadine relative (the come out of the wood work don’t they?).  He is Valentin Cassadine, Nikolas’ uncle.  The question is, where has he been all these years and what does he want?  It looks like he will be putting lives in danger while viewers learn his true motives.

James Patrick Stuart is no stranger to playing dangerous characters.  In addition to the aforementioned Will Cortlandt who sparked a major murder mystery story “Who Killed Will Cortlandt?” on All My Children, he recently played Leviathan leader Dick Roman on The CW’s Supernatural during the show’s seventh season.  Dick Roman ended up shooting and killing Sam and Dean Winchester’s (Jared Padalecki) and Jensen Ackles’ surrogate father, Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver).

So, General Hospital characters better tread carefully around a gun-toting Stuart!

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