Can #GH ‘s Julian Win Alexis Back? via @stacyamiller85 @WilliamdeVry1 @JulexisArmy

It seems like the love story of General Hospital’s Alexis and Julian is over and they can never be what they were to each other.

How can Alexis (Nancy Grahan) take back the man who lied to her, was willing to let her take the fall for a murder that he committed and tried to kill her when he discovered she was wearing a wire to get him to incriminate himself? For Alexis, the trust was gone which means what they had is gone.  But if she is being totally honest with herself, Alexis still loves Julian, hurt and betrayed as she is.

And Julian (William deVry) definitely still loves her as indicated by the looks he gave her and his actions in court during his arraignment.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen Wednesday, July 27 General Hospital episode, please do not continue reading.

Julian’s stall tactics of having his henchman obtain a drug that allowed him to appear to have a medical setback was no longer an option after Nina knocked the vial over. His day of reckoning was here – Julian was finally being arraigned for a multitude of charges from ordering the hit on Duke Lavery to killing Carlos Rivera.  Diane had convinced Alexis that if she showed up in court with her divorce lawyer, it would show the public that she was ready to kick Julian to the curb.

When Julian was denied bail, his attorney Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) requested that the judge reconsider and grant him bail with special circumstances, one of which was to remand him into the custody of his wife, Alexis Davis. What was Julian trying to pull? Alexis angrily questioned him.  It’s quite simple, he was working on staying out of prison but more importantly, he was determined to win her back.  Maybe he believed if they lived together again as man and wife, Alexis would fall in love with him again.

Will Julian’s ploy win him Alexis back? Or is it too little, too late?

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