#UnRealTV VOTE: Who is the Perfect Wife for Darius? via @stacyamiller85 @iambjbritt @UnRealLifetime

UnReal Season 2 kicked off its show within a show Everlasting with the introduction of the first African American suitor, football star Darius Beck played by BJ Britt.

Quinn (Constance Zimmer) and Rachel (Shiri Appleby) plan was to have the controversial move of having a black suitor choosing which contestant he would marry be a ratings win.  After all, he would be the first black suitor in Everlasting’s fourteen seasons which would earn buzz in the industry and set the show apart from all other reality competitions.

In order to guarantee this a success, Rachel would also make sure the casting of the ladies would be an interesting selection as well.  To that end, she chose two that would guarantee viewing audiences would have something to talk about: Ruby (Denee Benton), an intelligent African American activist and Beth Ann (Lindsay Musil), dubbed “the racist” because she was a Causian contestant from Alabama.  But in truth, Beth Ann was far from being a racist.  She had a longtime crush on Darius and hope they would have a future together.

Darius was trying to build his image after remarks he made in the media caused him problems.  But he hadn’t realized that he was stepping into something far more difficult.  He soon learned that Rachel would do anything for ratings, regardless of who was caught in the crossfire. Because of this, he sustained an injury to his already sensitive back while his cousin Romeo (Gentry White) ended up being shot in another ratings ploy of Rachel’s gone terribly wrong.

But Darius felt a strong connection with three of the contestants: Ruby, Chantal (Meagan Tandy) and Tiffany (Kim Matula).  When another move of Rachel’s caused Ruby embarassment and made him question whether he’d ever live up to her expectations, Darius sent Ruby home. But Darius ended up coming to Ruby and confessing his feelings for her later but Ruby was angry and hurt that she bared her soul on national television only to be rejected. Chantal was trying to move on from her heartache from the death of her fiance.  Could Chantal truly move on with Darius? As for Tiffany, she was Quinn’s choice, her “wifey,” a rich and blonde who’s daddy owned a football team.  Darius did have feelings for Tiffany but was it enough to sustain a long lasting relationship?

So, Darius was caught between Rachel’s rock and Quinn’s hard place.  But he decided that he would make his own choices and not be a puppet in the Everlasting puppet show.  Will he make the right choice?  Who is the perfect wife for Darius?

The Nerdy Girl Express would love to hear readers thoughts.

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