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The Maxi/Nathan/Claudette (Kirsten Storms, Ryan Paevey, Bree Williamson) triangle has heated up by adding another person in the mix- Dr. Griffin Munro (Matthew Cohen).

As viewers have speculated, Griffin was the person Nathan had shot after discovering him with his then wife Claudette.  Griffin finally came face-to-face with Claudette at General Hospital and questioned her motives for being in Port Charles. He was a man who had forsaken his vows as a priest and had an affair with a married woman as he believed that it was a marriage of convenience.  Not that it made Griffin blame himself less but it helped provide a reason for his actions. But now, he wonders whether Claudette is being totally honest with him.


I think Claudette loves both Nathan and Griffin as it’s obvious that she’s not happy about Nathan’s upcoming marriage to Maxi. And with Griffin, she felt a pure, uncomplicated love.

Nathan too is questioning any lingering feelings he may have for Claudette.  Yes, he loves Maxi but is she right, did he rush into a marriage proposal because of Claudette? Also, Nathan still harbors guilt over the man he shot.  How will he feel when he learns this man is Dr. Griffin Munro?


As for Maxi, viewers know how determine she is. Ms. Jones will not give up her man without a fight.  But has she met her match in Claudette?

Each of the actors involved in this story line are more than up to the challenge of bringing their characters’ motivations and feelings to the surface.  There’s really no “villain” here and I applaud Cohen, Paevey, Storms and Williamson for their powerful acting.

Update:  Claudette’s lies continue as she led Nathan to believe that he was the father of her daughter Charlotte when the little girl’s father is exactly Griffin’s.

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