What I Want To See in #TheInspectors S2 via @stacyamiller85 @bretjgreen @ericamsanchez @CBSTheInspectors

CBS The Inspectors is the best of both worlds. An informative series showing the dangers to look out for in crimes involving the postal service and an entertaining drama outlining strength and courage.

With love for family and friends thrown in for good measure. All in a tightly written 23 minute package.

The block of television on CBS Saturday morning is known as the Dream Team. And with The Inspectors, viewers get a dream come true. It has an excellent cast and the writing is sharp. The series could have come across as one long public service announcement but didn’t.

In Season 2, I’d like to see Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Mitch (Terry Serpico) tackle more difficult cases with perhaps the perpetrator not being caught at the conclusion of each episode. Maybe a story line arc that stretches over several episodes.  Or how about the discovery that one of their own, a fellow postal inspector is selling out to the very criminals they are trying to stop, compromising the department’s integrity.

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Then we have Preston Wainwright’s (Bret Green) journey. At the end of Season 1, he felt feeling in his paralyzed legs. Is he gaining the ability to walk again? He is also questioning and (hopefully exploring) his feelings for longtime friend Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez). Will a romance bloom in Season 2? How will these changes define Preston as a character?

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I would like to see more of Veronica’s singing in the new season.  If you aren’t aware, Erica Sanchez is a talented singer with an amazing voice so hearing Veronica sing more on The Inspectors in Season 2 would be a treat.

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And then there’s Noah (Harrison Knight). I’d like for the show to explore more of his character.  Sure he’s Preston and Veronica’s friend, but who is Noah really? What are his motivations? He previously mentioned having a passionate for film making. Maybe he could use his skill behind the camera to assist the postal inspectors as a new intern. And because I enjoyed Noah’s rap, I wouldn’t mind seeing him do it again in Season 2.

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The story lines possibilities are endless. I think Season 2 will be even better than Season 1!

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