Blast From The Past: Double Trouble (1984) via @stacyamiller85 #NationalTwinDays

In honor of National Twin Day weekend, August 5 -7, 2016, I decided to reach back into the television twin past for my Blast From The Past post.  Let’s take a look at the short-lived sitcom Double Trouble.

As a twin, I’ve always  found it fascinating watching other twins whether in real life or on television and movies.  One of my earliest movie experiences involving twins was watching when I was around nine years old, 1961 movie The Parent Trap, starring Hayley Mills. Although Mills isn’t a twin, seeing the shenangians of twins Susan and Sharon in their attempt to reunite their estranged parents ,played by Brian Keith and Maureen O’ Sullivan, was fun to watch.

My twin love media viewing continued and a decade later, I discovered another twin drama, the 1984 sitcom Double Trouble which aired on NBC.

Double Trouble premiered as a mid-season replacement on April 4, 1984.  It starred real life twins, Liz and Jean Sagal (The younger sisters of actress Katey Sagal) as Allison and Kate Foster.  They lived in Des Moines, Iowa with their widower father, Art (Donnelly Rhodes) who owned a dance studio. The episodes focused on the serious twin, fun-loving twin switching places themes that are the standard in stories about twins.  In the second season, Donnelly Rhodes departed the series and the girls, who were working on pursuing a dance career, moved to New York City to live with their aunt, played by Barbara Barrie. Due to low ratings, the series wasn’t renewed for a third season and the last episode aired March 30, 1985.

It would be almost a decade later before another series focusing on twins would air (Sister, Sister starring Tia and Tamara Mowry).

For me and my twin Tracy, Double Trouble holds a special place in our hearts and memories.

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