#UnRealTV Espionage Recap- And Then There Were Two via @stacyamiller85 @UnRealLifetime

Okay, we’re getting down to the home stretch in the race for ‘Who will win the suitor?’ on UnReal. It’s Episode 9, the episode before the season finale and you can bet the name of the game is sabotage.

How could you not expect to see sabotage with an episode titled “Espionage?” It seemed like everyone was in ‘take-down’ mode beginning with Coleman (Michael Rady), who was determined to stop Quinn with the carefully edited tape of Rachel’s admission of the circumstances surrounding Mary’s death last year.  Coleman tried to convince Rachel (Shiri Appleby) that Quinn (Constance Zimmer) has been using her all along and doesn’t care about her and would throw her to the wolves if given the chance.

It appeared that Rachel was starting to believe Coleman. But then Madison (Genevieve Buechner) tells Rachel that she saw Yael (Monica Barbero) and Coleman kissing. It’s time for Hot Rachel to go.  Our Rachel is so tired of Hot’s Rachel’s crap that she decides to make life crap for Yael…literally.  How you ask? Well, Rachel basically poisons Yael while she’s having dinner with Darius (BJ Britt) so that Yael is unable to control herself and has a diarrhea moment all over the white dress she’s wearing and it’s captured live on national television! Poor Yael, I felt so badly for her as I watched.  Regardless of whether you like the character or not, no one deserves to be embarrassed like that. Darius is so fed up with Everlasting i.e. Quinn and Rachel and let’s Jay (Jeffrey Bowman Chapman) know…again.  Darius probably should have stayed the runaway suitor and left and not come back.

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And then we have whatever is going on between Chet (Craig Bierko) and Tiffany (Kim Matula). I was cheering for Tiffany to end up with Darius but now I don’t know. The whole thing with Chet is starting to bother me and makes me think that Tiffany really doesn’t know what she wants.

But I know what Madison wants.  It’s for her contestant Chantal (Meagan Tandy) to take home the gold (Sorry with the Olympics going on, I couldn’t resist). Plus, the producer bonus Madison gets doesn’t hurt either.

And then there were two as Darius sends Yael home.  As she is packing her bags, Hot Rachel tells Coleman that the evil of Everlasting (Rachel and Quinn) need to be destroyed.

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When she gets the news from her doctor that she will be unable to have children, Quinn has a rare unseen before breakdown, after forcing everyone out of the control room. Rachel enters and offers words of comfort.  Quinn urges Rachel to get out (not of the room, producing Everlasting) and to be with Coleman if that’s what she wants before it’s too late. Quinn tells Rachel she loves her which causes a guilty Rachel to confess that Coleman knows about what happened with Mary and plans to use it against her. So, Rachel and Quinn join forces and now that will take Coleman down.

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The season finale airs Monday, August 8 at 10/9c.  How will this season end?

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