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We watch Beauty and The Beast. We love the characters. But is there that one character we relate to more because we find similar traits in them that we see in ourselves? Well, The Nerdy Girl Express asked the Beasties among our readers to share which character they felt was most like them. Read on the find out the reveal.

My twin sister Tracy and I are like JT and Vincent. Although Tracy isn’t as computer savvy as JT, she’s very smart.  She attended college and law school on scholarships but is now focusing on a full-time writing career.  She’s self-published more than 24 poetry books on Amazon.  Anyway, back to JT and Vincent.  I’m juggling several jobs (like Vincent is juggling his career as a doctor and his beast nature). I work in the clinical trials field and I’m also a writer (The Nerdy Girl Express, Starry Constellation Magazine) as well as marketing manager for The Nerdy Girl Express.  I often for Tracy’s help and advise when I have a problem (like Vincent comes to JT) and Tracy will stop whatever she’s doing to guide me. She’s like my compass (the way JT and Cat too are for Vincent).  Although JT and Vincent aren’t brothers, they are as close as brothers can be. Like how Tracy and I are.

Stacy Miller


I’m like JT, I’ll help my friends at all costs.  They feel more like family than friends. In fact, I’m closer to them than my own family. You see, I’m a nerd and my family is full of beautiful, popular people. My sisters were cheerleaders and my brother was class president.  Plus, they look as though they stepped off the cover of Vogue and GQ. But me? Glasses, freckles…you get the picture.  So anyway, my friends are involved in something (I can’t say) where they’re doing something good but need my help to point out to people something bad.  When we watch Beauty and The Beast, we have to laugh at some of the similarities.

Sally Bennett


I came across Beauty and the Beast a few weeks ago and was instantly hooked. I watched the three seasons on Netflix in four days and got caught up with season four in two days. This in itself reminds me of one character in particular; Catherine Chandler. I relate to Cat the most because she is strong, she is dedicated, she is smart, and she is kind.

One of the most important qualities in her that I see in myself is her big heart. I always use to see this as a weakness because it would get me into trouble sometimes. But it wasn’t until recently that I realized that this exact quality is what makes me stand out and different from the rest. When I love someone, I give it all I’ve got. I don’t leave anything out. I give them my whole heart and wear my heart on my sleeve. I will never give up on someone I care about and will do whatever it takes for them to know that. Sound like Cat? Yes. Yes it does. Because from the very beginning of the show, Cat was determined to prove to Vincent that he had nothing to fear when it came to her. Then when Vincent was kidnapped at the end of season one and into season two Cat never gave up trying to find him and risked everything, her health, her job, and her other relationships with Tess and Heather. This one day my boyfriend was M.I.A for the whole day and I put everything on hold to make sure he was okay. So Cat and I, we’re a lot alike.

Cat is also very smart. She’s a detective so she knows how to figure things out. I’m not a detective – yet – but I am very good at using my surroundings to figure something out. I know when people are lying to me and I know how to figure out the truth. I like to believe I’m fairly good at reading people and so is Cat. She knows when to trust people but also has trust issues so she doesn’t trust a whole of people. I have been let down too many times so I have trouble with trust, but when I do find someone I can trust, I trust them with everything I have.

Catherine Chandler and I are weaved from two strands of the same yarn. I think that’s why I was drawn into the show, because I saw a lot of myself in Cat. At the time I was binge watching the show, I was in a bit of a low state. I felt as though the above mentioned qualities weren’t such a great thing and I was feeling bad about myself. But seeing how Cat could use these qualities to her advantage and have an amazing life, made me realize that I can do the same thing. So, that’s what I’m doing.

Danielle Wetterer


I am totally new to this beasties obsession. I started to watch the show because of my teenage niece who just giggles when she mentions Jay’s name. I had to watch it after seeing her reaction. So cute!
It is really good that you are asking this question and it did make me reflect for a few days. Why is it that we are so into this show? Is it because we identify with the characters?
In my case I can’t say there is one character that fits me. I’m like a mutt.. I Have a little of each of them.
Starting with Cat ( I can call her Cat right? after all she is part of my imaginary family) I wish I can say I have the muscular shape of hers but no matter how much I work out,  my arms seem in clear rebellion, not one muscle to show. I think I identify with her mostly for her strong sense of justice and as her, that has gotten me in trouble more than once.  Her strong commitment to be there and fight for who she cares for despite her own self is something very close to me.
JT, he is the most adorable of all characters and not to talk about the actor. I’ve seen in a short period of time how Austin is with all beasties  even I get a ❤️ every time I post something. Back 2 the subject.. Yes if you wanted to know I have a geeky side too not something I’ll like to  advertise though. I remember very young when my friends were chasing boys I was trying to complete my mailing stamp collection or reading these classics that no one else wanted too read. To my dismay this is part of what I do for life.. still. Something else about him: Friends!! Him and Tess and me are always holding our friends back no matter what and I wouldn’t be any other way.
As for Heather? Can’t deny it. I find myself asking more often than not “Can anyone wants to fill me in?”. My friends say I’m in  la la land most of the time, what can I say. Also her smiley face is something I identify with her character very much. About Vince I wish I had something in common but no I don’t. I just enjoy those big strong hugs he gives Cat and the soft touch on her hair and his cute dimples when he smiles. But among everything I shared I think the one common denominator and the main reason why we all are so enchanted by this story is nothing else but a longing for that “epic” magical love that trespass time and space and age. We all want that in our lives a love that sweep you off your feet and allow you to dream with your eyes open. That’s all.
Well this is my story. I hope you enjoyed.

Elvia Mora


Without a doubt it’s Catherine. I worry about everything, I want everything to go just so, I feel like I have to take care of everyone and be responsible. I feel your pain girl, someone has to do it.


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