#Wentworth Profile: Jake Stewart via @stacyamiller85 @bernardcurry @Wentworth

Wentworth Season 4 introduced a new correctional officer, Jake Stewart.

This article contains spoiler so if you haven’t seen Wentworth Season 4, please do not continue reading.

Officer Jake Stewart (played by Bernard Curry) appeared to be just what Wentworth Correctional needed.  He seemed focused on doing his job according to the guidelines set by Governor Vera Bennett. When Vera needed someone to keep an eye on Joan Ferguson, Stewart volunteered and heeded Vera’s warnings to not let the dangerous prisoner get inside his head.  Ferguson worked to convince Jake that Vera was in over her head as governor and blatantly told him that the only reason the board had offered Vera the position was because she threatened a lawsuit when she contracted hepatitis.

Jake told Vera what Ferguson had said but insisted that he didn’t believe her.  Stewart admitted to having romantic feelings for Governor Bennett.  Vera was interested in Jake too but having already had a failed office romance with Matt Fletcher, she was skeptical in pursuing another.  Plus, as Officer Stewart’s superior it would be highly inappropriate.  Nonetheless, Jake didn’t give up and soon he and Vera were having secret meetings and exchanging kisses.  Jake also developed a friendship with fellow correctional officer Will Fletcher.  When prisoner Kaz Proctor threaten to go public with the cell phone video footage of Jackson she had taken which would have surely ended his career, Jake intervene and got a hold of the damaging video and gave it to Will.

It seemed that Officer Jake Stewart was too good too be true. He was a model officer, a great potential boyfriend for Vera and a loyal mate to Will. Unfortunately, Officer Stewart was too good to be true.  It was revealed that he was selling drugs through prisoner Tina inside Wentworth Correctional after lying to Vera, who loaned him ten thousand dollars, that he wanted to buy a business. Heavily in debt and fearing for his life from the thugs he owed money to, Jake tried to get the ninety grand from Will, pretending to want him as a partner in a brewery business. Trapped, he made a deal with the devil in prisoner blue, Joan Ferguson.

It’s a pity that Officer Jake Stewart took a wrong path as I feel that he could have been a good correctional officer and the perfect man for Vera.

Bernard Curry’s portrayal of Jake Stewart allowed viewers to draw their own conclusions about his character. Was he a misguided man to sympathize with or an opportunist?

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