The Mind of The Freak: #Wentworth S4 Ferguson via @stacyamiller85 @rabeisqueen @Wentworth

How can a character who is a dangerous psychotic find such endearing fans? If you’re Joan “The Freak” Ferguson and you’re played by Pamela Rabe, the answer is simple: how could you not?

Joan Ferguson is the definition of the character we love to hate. She’s a control freak who plays minds games with people while setting out to destroy them. She’s not above hiring someone to commit murder on her behalf and also has no problem with getting her hands dirty and doing the deed herself. Ferguson’s lists of victims is numerous as the pawns she’s uses in her chess game for dominance.  Her path to Wentworth’s governor office was paved with palm greasing and blackmail. However at the end of Season 3, the mighty had fallen and Joan Ferguson was now one of the prisoner’s at Wentworth Correctional.

This article contains spoilers so if you have not seen Wentworth Season 4, please do not continue reading.

But being a prisoner only slowed Ferguson down, it didn’t stop her. True, she no longer had the power of the governorship but she could still convince people to do her bidding. Case in point: Karen “Kaz” Proctor. Prisoner Ferguson managed to convince the former head of Red Right Hand that she had been victimized by Will Jackson. So, Ferguson had the support of Proctor and her crew and also had built in help in her eliminate Bea Smith campaign.  Joan Ferguson made sure that the current governor, her old protege Vera Bennett knew that her time in the governor’s seat was temporary.

Ferguson insists on being removed from protection and placed in General Population. This was an unusual request as an law enforcement officer who ended up as one of the incarcerated would avoid the dangers of being in close proximity with the prisoners who wanted to do you harm. But Ferguson’s mind was always working. She needed the women to help facilitate her plan. Joan Ferguson was due to stand trial for her crimes.  One of the people standing in the way of her freedom was a man named Jesper, who could give damaging testimony against her that would guarantee a conviction. Joan had it covered by playing on the sympathies of Jhianna’s son, the troubled youth Shayne. She convinced him to “take Jesper out” aka kill him before he could testify. She also enlisted Officer Jake Stewart who was heavily in debt and feared for his life unless he paid the thugs her owed $90,000. No problem, Joan Ferguson had plenty of money.

But when Bea Smith realized that it was Ferguson who shot up Allie Novak with drugs to make it looked like an overdose, Queen Bea was ready to sting. She made Governor Vera Bennett believe that she would get a confession from Ferguson on the contraband cell phone’s recorder.  But in truth, Bea wanted Joan Ferguson dead.  Their final confrontation may have worked out differently than Bea planned, but it looks like the murderous Ferguson will finally go down for her crimes…or not, because the mind of ‘The Freak’ is a scary place and is always working.

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