#ThankYouJay @JayRyan as Vincent on #BATB via @stacyamiller85 @cwbatb #Beasties

Beauty and the Beast Cast Appreciation Week continues as Beasties give thanks to Jay Ryan for his portrayal of Vincent Keller.

Vincent Keller had wanted to help people and decided to pursue a medical career.  However, the deaths of his brothers in the terror attacks of 2001 caused a sidetrack in his career.  He enlisted in the army and later became involved in Operation Muirfield which instead of helping men become better soldiers, they were turned into deadly beast killing machines. Vincent’s life and dreams for the future were changed forever.

When Vanessa Chandler was murdered, Vincent prevented her daughter Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) from being next. And so began a whirlwind relationship filled with romance and danger.  Catherine was determine to save Vincent while convincing him that he was a caring man not a beast. Vincent struggled with his identity, vowing not to become what Muirfield made him into.  Catherine’s love and support made him want to fight his beast affliction.

Jay Ryan has played Vincent Keller as a man living a double life and walking a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde tightrope- was he really man or beast? This emotional struggle as well as the epic Catherine and Vincent love story is one of the reasons for Beauty and the Beast’s admiration among fans.

Thank you Jay for bringing Vincent Keller to life and for giving us the beauty within this beast.


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