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The People vs Dr. Alex Karev…literally.  The Grey’s Anatomy episode titled “Catastrophe and The Cure” had everyone choosing sides as the ramifications of Alex’s (Justin Chambers) assault of Dr. DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) continued to play out.

Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) asks Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) to take Wilson (Camilla Luddington) on her service so Jo doesn’t have to work with Alex.  Meanwhile, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is supporting Alex.  She doesn’t approve of what he did but she also believes he is a good man who acted in the heat of the moment letting a misunderstanding cause his temper to get out of control. Alex is thrown when he’s in court and instead of being charged with a misdemeanor, he now faces second degree felony assault.  If convicted, Karev could face a long prison sentence and the end of his career.  Bailey tries to offer her support by asking whether Alex has a good lawyer but that doesn’t stop her from berating him for making more problems for her and the hospital.


Amelia tells Jo that she’s on her side.  In fact, the new Mrs. Owen Hunt is throwing a dinner party and Alex is not on the guest list.

In the hospital elevator, Meredith has a moment alone with DeLuca and encourages him to forgive Alex’s actions.  She knows how he feels from being attacked herself but if he could find it in his heart to forgive, he’ll be better for it.  But DeLuca is not ready for that or to accept Karev’s apology. He tells Meredith he will not be intimidated by she or Dr. Karev even though they are attending doctors.


Alex talks with Jo wanting her back.  But she can’t forget him calling her trash. “You wanted to hurt me,” she reminds.  Which he did. His guilt and legal problem cause Alex to be distracted in his treatment of a young patient.  Dr.Karev’s reading of the scans and not giving the boy his full attention almost jeopardizes the kid’s chance for a new kidney when his condition is compromised medically.

When watching the episode, I could understand both Alex and DeLuca’s positions.  Alex didn’t have an ideal childhood and mentions to Meredith that most of the guys he grew up with were either in jail or dead.  He believed he was different because he went to medical school to make something better for himself.  But underneath it all, although Alex has matured over the years, he still lets his emotions control his judgments. Alex acts first.  But because he’s an emotional guy, he’s a great friend to have.  He is caring and shows it.  In that regard, Alex and DeLuca are similar.  Andrew cares and worries about people.  It was his concern for Jo’s well being that put him on the receiving end of Alex’s fists of fury. I don’t condone what Alex did. Violence doesn’t solve things but do I believe he deserves to go to prison? No, I think it would add to the tragedy of what happened and rob patients of a great doctor. I applaud Justin Chambers for bringing the many layers of Dr. Alex Karev’s personality to the surface in this challenging story line.  I feel that Dr. Andrew DeLuca’s back story should be explored more in order to fully understand his position.  Yes he was brutally attacked and his the victim but is there some underlying things in his past that viewers don’t know that may make forgiveness hard for him?  It will be interesting to see whether the writers go with these two characters and this story.

April (Sarah Drew) faced her own crisis when her medical condition kept her in the hospital while baby Harriet went home with Jackson (Jesse Williams). The new mom was heartbroken that she would miss valuable bonding time with her newborn. “She’s suppose to be with me.  Bonding and attaching or whatever. Smelling me like birds and dogs,” April cried.  Jackson was extremely supportive of her feelings and needs, bringing Harriet back to the hospital to visit her mother everyday as well as arranging video chats so April could sing to her baby. Drew and Williams are doing an excellent job as new parents determined to put the needs of their child ahead of their own.


And then we have poor Maggie who always seem to fall for men who are not as committed to a relationship as she is. Riggs is the latest guy to deep her. Will she ever find true love?

The growth of these characters will change viewers perceptions of them as the season progresses.

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