Stranger Things The Body Recap via @erinwise82 @Stranger_Things

It’s that time again…Time to recap Stranger Things episode 4 The Body…..

Things have gotten really crazy so far. Disappearing kids, appearing kid, blow up phones calls (lol), faceless creature, things coming out of the wall…..the list goes on and on. Just when you think this show can’t get any crazier…BAM….more off the wall awesomeness.

Let’s not take up anymore time and get right to it. Keep in mind I jump around…

The Body

After Will’s body is pulled from the quarry, Mike flips out on El and she disappears for a hot minute. When she finally returns, she uses Mike’s walkie-talkie to prove Will is still alive. Trying to prove it to the other boys, they realize they don’t have enough of a signal, and they make a plan to go to the school and use Mr. Clarke’s ham radio.  They dress El up in one of Nancy’s old dresses and throw a blonde wig on her. She was quite a lovely young lady. At the school, Mr. Clarke catches the boys trying to go into the science room. He gives them the key under the condition they attend the school’s memorial for Will.


When the memorial is over, Mike confronts the bully jerks for talking trash during the assembly. El uses her powers to help Mike out by making the little turd pee himself. Seriously, funny stuff right there. The Goonies get to the radio and El uses her powers to find Will. They pick Will up and hear him talking to his mother, Joyce.
At the same time, Joyce hears Will’s voice through the wall in her living room. She begins ripping the wallpaper off the wall, which reveals Will beneath this….this…well the only way I can describe it, like a womb…yea gross I know. As the craziness ensues, she bids her son to hide…..she takes an axe and begins busting through that wall, only to end up on her porch……


Nancy, upset not being able to find Barb, takes a look at the ripped picture of her dear friend, the one Jonathan took the night she disappeared. She notices something standing behind Barb. Well, I’ll be damned, it’s the no faced creature, “Frank”!  Upon this discovery, Nancy shows it to Jonathan. This is where ole Johnny boy realizes, he’s a dick and made his mom feel like she was nuts. Your mom’s not crazy, how do you like them apples! You keeping it a secret from your mom though, dick move man. She may be under a lot of stress and everything, but it’s like you’re making her still feel like you think she’s crazy.


I find Hopper to be a really intriguing character. He’s more than he puts on.


Hopper starts hearing bits and pieces of information that makes him question everything about Will’s death. He ends up “confronting” the trooper that found the body. Hearing this man’s weak ass story, he gets real curious and heads over to the morgue. He sneaks his way in, pulls Will’s body out of the freezer, and takes a real good look. At this point, you don’t know what’s real, what’s not, hell you don’t know really what exactly is going on. Hopper takes his knife out, cuts open the body, and pulls out stuffing. It’s a fake. The body is a fake. Oh Hopper is pissed. He heads to the lab and breaks in….


I cannot stress how much I love this series. I have watched it so many times, it’s kind of scary.

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