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Fans of The CW’s Jane The Virgin love Xiomara (Xo) Villanueva and that’s due in part to the dynamic actress who brings her to life.

Andrea Navedo plays Xo, a character who has a passion for life and a desire to make her dreams come true. At the age of sixteen, Xo became pregnant with daughter Jane and despite her tender age raised her daughter as a single mother.  The support of her own mother Alba helped Xo bring Jane up with values that made her a strong, intelligent young woman.

Having a child at a young age didn’t deter Xo.  She has a goal to become a singer and has given several performances. Her voice and talent is magical.  That’s something she shares with the actress who plays her.  Andrea Navedo has a rare gift that enables her to bring any scene to life, regardless of its simplicity.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrea in December 2015 about Jane the Virgin and Xiomara.  I found her to be full of life, yet serious and funny.  She’s obviously someone who values her blessings and hopes to continue to pursue the things she loves with the support of her family.  I have a feeling that anything Andrea Navedo sets her mind to she will achieve.

So on this October 10 your birthday Andrea, I wish you continue happiness and success.

Here is a poem from The Nerdy Girl Express writer and poet Tracy Diane Miller:

#poetry #amwriting #HappyBirthdayAndreaNavedo You empower by your example, a birthday poem for @AndreaNavedo by Tracy Diane Miller
You empower by your example
You empower by your actions and words
For the millions who listen
You are heard
Your empower by your generosity of spirit
Your empower by your gift of laughter
A buoy when waters are rough
You remind that inside us lives our greatest strength
When times are tough
As an actress
Through the characters you portray
You empower by your generosity of spirit
So much you convey
You empower by your example
You empower by the positivity and hope
You bring every day
And with this verse I say thanks
And send you my best wishes on your birthday

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