#TheInspectors A Sweater For Phil S2Ep3 Recap via @stacyamiller85 @CBSInspectors @h_knight2 @CBSDreamTeam

Thieves who love stealing mail out of mailboxes and Noah’s in love make for the latest episode of CBS’s The Inspectors titled “A Sweater For Phil”which aired Saturday, October 15.

The episode opens with Amanda and Mitch (Jessica Lundy and Terry Serpico) questioning residents of an apartment complex who have gotten their mail stolen out of their mailboxes. One of these residents even got the argyle sweater he ordered taken.


At a local motel, the criminal mastermind behind the thefts is telling his co-conspirators to organize their take into piles for checks, credit cards and bank statements.  He is happy to find an argyle sweater among the treasures and it’s his size.

Meanwhile at University Grill, Noah (Harrison Knight) is more interested in the new waitress Amy (Yasmine Al-Bustami) then he is in his food to the amusement of Preston (Bret Green) and Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez).  When Veronica comments on the beautiful necklace Amy is wearing, the two start talking about their European travels and speak in Italian.  Noah can’t join in because he doesn’t speak Italian and asks Veronica after Amy walks away whether Amy has a boyfriend.


Reviewing the security footage around the apartment complex where the mailbox thefts take place reveal a man and woman posing as a couple with a baby stroller that they use to put the stolen mail. Amanda and Mitch tell Preston that they are going to try to get the identity of the thieves by putting encoded gift cards in the mailboxes. When the suspects use the cards, the stores will alert Amanda and Mitch and the inspectors may be able to get driver license photos and addresses that will lead them to the thieves. “What if they don’t use the credit cards?” Preston asks. Then score one for the thieves but they’ll get them is Mitch’s response.


At Jamestown University, Preston and Veronica attempt to give Noah advice on how to attract Amy’s attention.  But it is their shared interest in film and their parents wanting them to pursue non film careers is what Noah and Amy have in common. Amy telling Noah that she’ll see him later gives him hope that it could be something more.  But Noah’s crestfallen when later at University Grill he sees a guy give Amy a hug.  The guy must be her boyfriend.


The criminal mastermind gives his workers the encoded gift cards for a job well done. Amanda and Mitch are able to catch the couple when theyuse the cards and tells them that they could be charged with a misdemeanor instead of a felony if they cooperate and give the name of the person behind the ring. The information leads the inspectors to a motel but unfortunately, the suspect has already checked out and paid with cash so there’s no way to track him down. Or is there?  Amanda and Mitch decide to go dumpster diving to search for clues.  It’s a dirty job, but Mitch is prepared because he has an extra outfit to wear over his  suit.


They uncover a burner cellphone and Amanda’s further dumpster diving locates the SIM card for the phone which she gives to Georgia.  The digital techs are able to get the last number called off the phone whichis to a motel in Maryland. Amanda and Mitch get their man. Another job well done for The Inspectors.


Noah decides to still give Amy that book he got her and goes to her house.  The same guy who was hugging Amy answers the door. He is her brother, not her boyfriend.  Unfortunately, the other guy in the room is Amy’s boyfriend. Sorry Noah.

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