#TheInspectors The One That Got Away S2Ep5 Recap via @stacyamiller85 @terryserpico @CBSInspectors

In an emotional episode directed by Terry Serpico who plays Mitch, viewers got to see Preston (Bret J. Green) struggle with sharing his feelings as he attended a support group.

The episode opens with Amanda being contacted via the internet by “the one who got away” a scammer (Chis Youngsten) who conned people out of their retirement money via fraudulent investments.  In his video, he basically taunts Amanda because he is living in West Africa where the postal investigator has no jurisdiction and is unable to bring him to justice.


Meanwhile, Preston (Bret Green) attends his first support group as part of his recovery. The group leader Grace (Clark Sarullo) tries to encourage Preston to open up. He shares a few things but prefers to have someone else talk. Preston later tells Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) and Noah (Harrison Knight) that he and the people in the support group have nothing in common except their physical challenges and that they are a bunch of complainers. Noah reminds his friend that Preston is always telling him not to give up so he doesn’t want Preston to let one bad session keep him from going to the others.


Noah has his own issue to deal with. The girl he’s interested in Amy recently broke up with her boyfriend (Patrick R. Walker).  But the guy hasn’t gotten the message and is continuing to hang around her. So, Noah dons a “disguise” which is basically a pair of dark glasses and spies on them.  When he is caught by the ex-boyfriend, the guy confronts him and demands that they settle this “old school.”


Amanda is frustrated because she continues to receive communications from the scammer and knows that she can’t apprehend him. She takes a meeting with the head of the postal inspectors, Gregory Williams (Lawrence Downing) who praises her work and leadership abilities and tries to encourage her to take a job promotion.  But Amanda knows that in doing so means moving to a new district and she doesn’t want to leave Preston as he is doing so well with his physical therapy and just started his support group. But when Amanda later tells Preston that she turned down the job, he’s angry that she is not pursuing a position that will further her career because she doesn’t want to leave him.  He could get a campus apartment if she moved and can take care of himself. Preston is feeling a sea of emotions like anger over the change of his life especially after Veronica mentions the ski trip she is going on and asks to borrow his old skis. Veronica doesn’t realize how insensitive she is being and even talks about how clueless Noah is in following Amy and her ex.

Amanda gets a lead in catching her scammer after the man receives a call from his brother about their ailing mother in Washington, DC and decides to travel back to the states and uses a public library computer in DC.  Amanda is able to trace the IP address.  She and Mitch lay wait for him and when he shows up to use the computer, arrest him.

Noah and Amy’s ex-boyfriend meet for their challenge which is a test to see who rules at break dancing.  The ex has some good moves but Noah proves the victor.capture-pngnoahandex

“The One That Got Away” was a very good episode that allowed Preston to confront his emotions over his feelings of how his injury has changed his life. It also showed Amanda’s feelings in not being able to catch a criminal who seemed to mock her ability by taunting her with his freedom. Terry Serpico performed another directing win.  Here’s hoping for more outings of CBS’ The Inspectors featuring his directing skill.

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