Can We Take A Minute To Talk About That Season(?) Finale @DuskElRey? via @erinwise82

Last Tuesday season three From Dusk Till Dawn finale has left a lot of question from yours truly. And I need them answered! 

Our wonderful show makers seemed to have brought our crazy mixed up family full circle. So is this it for the show? It certainly seemed that way with the ending they left us…..ya know up until after the credits and we see a couple “Texas Rangers” securing Amaru’s necklace. If you missed that, please go back and watch 😉


Hell was released upon the world and boy did sh*t hit the fan when it hit the hospital. Suddenly everyone’s eyes turned red and they just started murdering everyone brutally. But hey it had to happen, otherwise we wouldn’t have had a season finale, ya know.


Kate stood up, having enough of people making decisions for her. Having Amaru controlling her, making her take lives, changed her. We all knew that was going to happen. She jumped into Hell to save…well…everyone. Then like two seconds later, she and Richie appear and Kate takes Amaru out for good. Sending her straight back to Hell. This moment had a Nightmare on Elm Street part 4 vibe to me. When Alice showed Freddy himself and all the souls ripped through his body, sending him to Hell.


Now I need to know a few things about the moments before this. Like Richie and Sex Machine were sucked into Hell. We see Richie dig himself up out the ground and shortly after, talk with Carlos. So did Sex Machine land even further away? Was he instantly killed? I need to know what happened.


I need to know what happened when Kate walked through the gate. I mean, she walks through, then her and Richie walk back through. What happened on the other side? What did they talk about? How did he get her to come back through? How did either of them know what Kate did would work? I mean, they walked through with such confidence. I need to know these things.


The Gecko brothers went back to robbing banks, like I figured they would. They’re good at it…..HA! With Kate at their side. Yes, I figured it but like, after all that, everything they went through, they still wanna take chances instead of just settling down somewhere and keeping off the radar for a little bit? Just a little bit.

Santanico and the Culebras should live peacefully. I think she now understands she may not want to be Queen, but someone has to lead her people. Keep them safe. After taking on Amaru, I think she really gets it. It’s always been her, ya know.


Then there’s Scott. I’m gonna hit the road. Just like that. Everything was taken care of now it’s his time to be whoever he wants to be. He came a long way from season two. He’s learned he can control himself. He can and did fight the good fight…and won. I mean Seth, putting a bullet in him technically saved him…but we really don’t have to mention that 😉

The Peacekeeper is, well, at peace. He knows with Santanico looking after the Culebras, he needs not to worry so much. He has his wife and daughter back in his arms. Really, things couldn’t be better for him. After all he went through, how he learned about everything, how he fell into being a Peacekeeper, he deserved a happy ending.

So that’s it? Everyone gets their happy ending? It just can’t be over!

Credits rolled, then Robert Knepper appeared as a Ranger on a horse, waiting for another Ranger coming out of the Hell tunnel…..he hands him Amaru’s necklace…..

Ok so what is that about? Does this mean there will be a season four? I just don’t understand!!!

I’m going to take it as a season four is up in the air and you guys were preparing for either outcome. Fingers crossed for another season!


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