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Winning big in a contest is a dream come true.  But that dream turns into a nightmare when you discover that you’ve been scammed.  CBS’ The Inspectors touched on this in the episode titled “The Return of Ronnie.”

As the episode opens, a scammer names Ronnie Lawson (Brian Mcdaniel) is talking with a woman on the phone explaining that in order for her to receive the prize money she won from a contest, she must first send him a check to cover the taxes.


Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Mitch (Terry Serpico) hear about this latest postal fraud and go to the post office where they discover envelops labeled ‘Contest’ in large cursive writing, which indicate elderly victims. They question some of these alleged contest winners.  Amanda thinks it could be the work of Sabatino, a criminal they put away.  Could he be operating from prison? It’s highly unlikely as an operation of this nature require sources that only being on the outside could provide.

Meanwhile, Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) wants Preston (Bret Green) and Noah (Harrison Knight) to accompany her to a photo shoot. Preston reluctantly agrees, but Noah can’t because he has an appointment with his guidance counselor.  Noah’s parents want him to change his major to Engineering but one volcano in a science fair does not an engineer make thinks Noah.  At the photo shoot although the photographer Dario (Zeeko Zaki) likes Veronica’s shots, Preston’s poses stir his interest and he comments that the photos are some of his best work yet.


Ronnie’s girlfriend Heather (Hailey Wist) wants to quit her job as courier.  He assures her that she has the easy job of picking up and cashing the checks. Ronnie sweet talks Heather saying that she only has to do a few more runs and then they can go away somewhere nice. Amanda and Mitch get the address of the bogus company sponsoring the contest. Of course, it is an abandoned building.  Amanda and Mitch discover that Sabatino’s protege Ronnie Lawson is the one running the scam. Then, they catch Heather picking up the contest envelops at the post office. Although nervous, she tries to play it cool when they question her and as Amanda and Mitch don’t arrest her, Heather leaves.  Calling Ronnie, Heather tells him about being cornered by postal inspectors. He tries to soothe her by explaining to Heather that they have nothing on her and she should just go home. But when Amanda and Mitch bring Heather in for questioning, she learns that her boyfriend Danny is really a criminal named Ronnie. He is also cheating on her and using another girl to pick up the contest mail too.  Heather agrees to help Amanda and Mitch catch Ronnie. She calls Ronnie and arranges to meet him to bring him the cash she got from cashing the checks.  Ronnie agrees but after he hangs up the phone with Heather, he tells his crew to pack up everything.  He’s going to Canada.


Noah tells Preston that he will need to take a load of hard college courses to graduate on time if he changes his major to Engineeing. Noah shows Preston the Pro/Con list he prepared that he plans to show to his parents. But he worries that pursuing his dream will hurt them.


Preston’s smart phone starts lighting up with notifications.  Apparently, the photos he took with Dario are all over the internet.  However, Preston’s head is being plastered over other guys’ bodies. Noah and Veronica are furious over the disrespect being showed to Preston.  They confront Dario, who ends up taking a true photo of Preston, Veronica and Noah as three friends going to through different college experiences.

Heather meets Ronnie, who is arrested.  Mitch has made him a ‘You’re Going Back to Jail’ card.


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