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Shiri Appleby plays Rachel Goldberg on Lifetime’s hit reality drama UnReal and has proven she is a real talent in the entertainment medium.

Appleby first came to the notice of fans when she starred as Liz Parker on the now defunct TheWB/CW alien teen drama Roswell.  Liz was human and Max Evans (Jason Behr) was an alien.  However, that didn’t stop these two characters from falling in love.  This star-crossed couple faced dangers from those out to not only separate them but were also after Max, his sister Isabelle (Katherine Heigl) and friend Michael (Brendan Fehr). The popularity of this book to television series is enduring as talks of a remake continue over a decade after its 2002 cancellation.

She played Cate in the short-lived but critically acclaimed  The CW series Life UnExpected.


Now comes UnReal and Rachel, a very different character from ingenue Liz. Rachel carries a lot of emotional baggage but uses it in her role as producer of Everlasting. She shares an interesting competition with Quinn King (Constance Zimmer).  It’s obvious the two women care for each other, but that doesn’t stop the “one un-manship” between the pair, with each determined to prove who is superior.

Shiri Appleby has an extensive list of credits in film and television. She has also directed an episode of UnReal, further proof that her talent isn’t limited to in front of the screen.

So on this December 7 your birthday Shiri, I wish you continue success and happiness.  There’s no limit to how far your star will reach!


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