@BringingUpBates S5Ep1 Summer Lovin’, Guitar Strummin; A Surprise A Comin’ via @stacyamiller85

The Bates return for a fifth season to show the larger the family, the more people to love.

The Bates family decide to go to North Carolina to pick up Warden, Jackson and Isaiah from The Wilds camp since Tori and Bobby are getting close. “We’ve been together for about a year now, like officially but unofficially, technically, not technically,” explains Tori describing her relationship with Bobby.  Gil says that Bobby is interested in a courtship but Gil thinks they should get to know each other better.  Kelly Jo talks about the decision to send their middle boys Warden, Jackson and Isaiah to camp to give them the chance to grow and learn.  But was it really a spying on Bobby mission?

One of The Wilds activities is the giant swing.  The family keep it a secret from Kelly Jo about how the swing works as if she knew the truth, she wouldn’t do it.  The children describe the giant swing as “a peaceful romantic swing ride.”  But I give it to Kelly Jo, that giant swing looked scary.  First, they are propelled high into the air, then dropped and swung. “I’m done, I’m done,” Kelly Jo shouted as she was swinging through the air, “That was not a swing. That was a contraption.”


Meanwhile, Lawson is working on his music tour and album.  He wanted to do a small tour to promote his album as he put so much time and effort into the songs. “Studio work and live performance are two different things,” says Lawson.  He intends to make the tour a great one, interacting with the audience to bring his songs to life.  Lawson is aware of the hard work involved in putting the tour together but he’s excited to get the music out there.

Back at The Wilds, Gil says that it’s great that the camp has water.  Kelly Jo is glad that the family is able to do activities at the camp together.  As the kids are growing up, this is important to Gil and Kelly Jo. Bobby is a good sports when Gil pushes him into the water. Bobby is happy that he’s getting to spend time with Tori as he goes to school in Pensacola and Tori in Knoxville. And also having the Bates family at The Wild is fun and rewarding for Bobby.


Meanwhile, Lawson is at Castle Studios recording his album. His mom being there is an additional treat as Kelly Jo is Lawson’s biggest supporter. Emily Anne Roberts (The Voice) sings a song from the album with Lawson and the two artists’ vocals make the collaboration work. “If it wasn’t for heartache, we’d be missing a lot of hits,” Lawson says.  He had been working on the song but until it was decided to write it from a two person perspective (girl and guy), it didn’t click.  Mom approves, Kelly Jo is so proud of Lawson.

Trace practices his riding so he can participate in The Dixie Stampede. Kelly Jo talks about how Trace was sandwiched between five children (the girls) so was lost in the middle growing up.  But riding a horse isn’t the only part of The Dixie Stampede, Trace will need to work on his dancing.

At Zach and Whitney’s, the couple talk about the challenges of having two children, Caycee and Bradley. Zach and Whitney and the children will be going over to Gil and Kelly Jo’s for a family day. A large family means a lot of people to feed.  Kelly Jo laughs that since all the girls are at college, the boys are helping her cook.


Erin and Chad are also raising two children.  They are coming to Gil and Kelly Jo’s family picnic/dinner. At Gil and Kelly Jo’s, everyone is surprised when a family neighbor arrives and announces that they are playing a game.  She gives everyone little boxes and when the family opens them, they find photos announcing a new addition – Allysa is expecting!  She’s having a girl, Mae, whose name is revealed on the pack of M&Ms that were included with the photos.  The family sit down on the porch to eat. Gil and Kelly Jo are thrilled with their new granddaughter on the way – they are living the dream and life doesn’t get better than this.


Bringing Up Bates airs Thursdays at 9/8c on UPtv.

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