#TheInspectors S2Ep10 Faking It Recap via @stacyamiller85 @KaitlynA_Benson @CBSInspectors

The theft and trafficking of cultural items was the focus of the episode of  The Inspectors “Faking It” airing January 21.

Cynthia Ren (Kaitlyn Benson) is offered a deal of a reduced prison sentence if she helps Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Mitch (Terry Serpico) catch smuggler Marc Cascadia (Yan Feldman).  She’s to make contact with Cascadia and pretend that because the postal investigators didn’t have any tangible evidence against her, she was released. Cynthia calls Cascadia and tells him that she’s out and wants to do business with him. She has a client list of people with deep pockets and can make them a lot of money. Cascadia is intrigued by the proposal, but he doesn’t want to discuss it on the phone. Cynthia arranges to meet with him at the Warehouse District.


Meanwhile at The University Grind, Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) spots Ryan (Cameron Radice).  She tells Preston that she believes that Ryan is interested in her.  Preston reminds that as they decided not to be exclusive, he has no say in who Veronica may want to date. Veronica tells Preston that she doesn’t want to go out with Ryan and asks Preston to pretend to be her boyfriend so Ryan will get the picture and back off.


At home, Preston tells Amanda about helping Veronica out by pretending to be her boyfriend.  He admits to his mother that the ruse is hard given his feelings for Veronica. But after an event that the pretend couple were going to attend doesn’t happen, Preston and Veronica do get the chance for an intimate dinner date, in which Preston fixes his home to look like a romantic bistro.


Cynthia is given a wire that is not be detected by Cascadia when she is patted down during their meeting at The Warehouse District. She checks his merchandise and expresses interest in what she sees.  But while Cascadia is not looking, Cynthia removes a piece of paper from one of the crates and puts it in her purse. Later, Amanda expresses her suspicions to Mitch about Cynthia.  She doesn’t trust the informant. Amanda was right about being suspicious of Cynthia as we later see Ms. Ren using the paper she stole from the crate and making a side deal with a contact of Cascadia. Cynthia and Cascadia meet again at The Warehouse District and once money has been exchanged, Amanda and Mitch burst in an arrest Cascadia and Cynthia.  At the Postal Inspection Headquarters, Amanda tells Cynthia that she had to be arrested too in order for Cascadia not to realize that she was working with them. Amanda says that after Cynthia gives her statement she is free to go.  Of course, freedom doesn’t last long for Cynthia. Mitch shows Amanda information he received from a contact at Interpol that lists Cynthia’s name as a client of a known smuggler. Not only is Cynthia’s sentence not going to be reduced but it’s more than likely she’ll get additional years added on. Crime definitely doesn’t pay!


Noah (Harrison Knight) needs a job and asks Amy (Yasmine Al-Bustami) to hire him at The University Grind. She does and he starts working at the coffee bar. Noah’s artistic talent allows him to create themed cappuccinos. However, he quits when Ryan confuses his eagle masterpiece with a fish and Amy backs Ryan, saying “The customer is always right.” Later, Noah returns to his job when Amy praises his cappuccino art and promises to support his endeavors.


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