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A case involving counterfeit money orders was the focus of CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Man Overboard” which aired February 4, 2017.

The episode opens at Westgate Penitentiary in Arlington, VA, Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Mitch (Terry Serpico) question counterfeit money order suspect Margaret Schweitzer (Deja Dee).  Apparently, someone on the outside has been using Margaret’s money orders which make the postal inspectors believe that she is working with an accomplice.  Margaret sticks to her story that she didn’t know that the counterfeit money orders were in her gym bag. Mitch tries to encourage Margaret to cooperate with them as it will be to her advantage.


Meanwhile at The University Grind, Noah (Harrison Knight) tells Preston (Bret Green) and Veronica (Erica Sanchez) that Stacey Pierce (Kabby Borders) is trying to get Jamestown University logo changed from the image of the White House to a J and a U, citing that it represents the student body better than the current logo. After Veronica leaves for her Political Science class, Noah suggests that Preston run against Stacey for Student Body President in order to challenge the logo issue.  Noah even agrees to be Preston’s campaign manager and comes up with a few slogans ‘A Vote for Wainwright is Right’ and ‘Press Yes for Preston.’ Preston is surprised that Veronica is backing Stacey. And later, Preston participates in a debate with Stacey and another candidate named Brad. The question of the logo is posed. Stacey stands by her view that the updated J and U speaks to change and progress while Preston mentions that although change is good, the old logo honors the strong principles of the school and speaks to tradition. Veronica congratulates Preston, he gave a good speech.


Back on the counterfeit money order case, Amanda and Mitch search the evidence again and find a gym locker key in Margaret’s gym bag. Further investigation reveals that Margaret shares her gym locker with someone named Harvey Fletcher. Amanda and Mitch reason that Harvey is Margaret’s accomplice.  However, they discover that Harvey is fourteen years old according to his social security number. They return back to Westgate and tell Margaret that the man she’s working with lied about his identity and stole the social security number of a fourteen year old boy and is letting her take the blame alone for the money counterfeiting scam. Margaret decides to talk and gives Amanda and Mitch the man she knew as Harvey’s address. But a dumpster in the back of the place contains fingerprints for a dead man.  Amanda and Mitch discover that the dead man Bruce Raines died by falling overboard from his brother Trent’s boat and that Trent took out a million dollar insurance policy on Bruce the day before the accident. Amanda and Mitch decide to bring Trent in for questioning.

After Noah tells him that he is in the middle of the race for Student Body President between Stacey and Brad, Preston works on raising his poll numbers. He tells his mother how hurt it makes him that Veronica is supporting Stacey.  Amanda gives her son some good advice: Your friends don’t have to agree with everything you do and that doesn’t make them any less your friends.  Preston considers backing out of the race but remembers a conversation he had with his father on honoring your commitments.


During questioning, Trent Raines explains that he took the policy out on Bruce because they were business partners and he worried about the business going under if something happened to Bruce. Amanda and Mitch find it interesting that Trent no longer works in construction since he was so concern for his business. Given a warning by Amanda and Mitch that insurance fraud is a crime is enough to get Trent to turn in his brother. Bruce is packing in his motel room when Amanda and Mitch arrive and arrest him.


The election results are in and both Stacey and Preston lose to Brad. It seems that only 2% of the student body cared about the logo issue. Noah tells Preston that they’ll need to have a fundraiser to pay for all the campaign t-shirts he ordered.


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