Happy Birthday @GilMcKinney via @stacyamiller85 #Supernatural #OUAT @cw_spn @OnceABC

Gil McKinney is a talented singer and actor who has appeared in film and on such television series as Friday Night Lights, ER, The Mentalists, Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural and Once Upon a Time.

It was McKinney’s role as Henry Winchester on Supernatural that offered fans the opportunity to experience a different side of him.  Gil McKinney has been invited to numerous Salute to Supernatural Conventions by Creation Entertainment.  In additional to interacting with attendees displaying wit and charm, he has also performed; giving fans a chance to experience his amazing vocal talents.  It hard to believe that Gil McKinney has only appeared in two Supernatural episodes (Season 8 “As Time Goes By” and Season 9 “Mother’s Little Helper”) because as Henry, he has become a fan favorite.

So on this February 5 your birthday Gil, I wish you continued happiness and success and thank you for sharing your talents with grateful fans.

Here is a poem by The Nerdy Girl Express poet and writer Tracy Diane Miller:

The power of his voice, a birthday poem for Gil McKinney by Tracy Diane Miller

Texas smiles
Happily she rejoice
At her native son Gil
And the power of his voice

Emotion wrapped in notes
Rapturous in their beat
A heart song in a melody
As sorrow will retreat

The power of his voice
A joy you won’t forget
To heal a restless spirit
To drive away regret

Clouds in their spontaneity
Journey along their way
A collection of best wishes
To cherish on your birthday



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