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A case involving staged bus accidents and phony insurance claims was the focus of CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Bus Stop Here.”

The episode opens with Mitch and Amanda (Terry Serpico, Jessica Lundy) briefing their team of postal inspectors on a crime involving staged bus accidents that seem to occur on Fridays at the same intersection. We cut to Issac, (Raul Ceballos) the mastermind behind the scam meeting with his team and telling them that there will be another “accident” where some of them will be planted on the bus when their set up car hits.  He assures that the collision will be minor but he wants them to play up their neck and back injuries.  Issac reminds that if anyone (other than himself) approaches them with information regarding legal representation to decline and say that they already have an attorney. “Let’s go make some money,” Issac says.


At the University Grind, Preston (Bret Green) and Noah (Harrison Knight) catch up with Preston’s old crush Allison, (Katie Garfield) who will be in the Jamestown Tennis Tournament.  Before leaving, Allison suggests that she and Preston get together for dinner to talk about old times.  Preston happily agrees. But then he receives a text message from Veronica to make dinner plans. Preston lies that he’ll be unable to have dinner with Veronica because he is sick.  Noah warns Preston about the dangers of lying but Preston reasons that due to the nature of his relationship with Veronica, he doesn’t want to hurt her by telling her about his dinner date with Allison.  The bad thing is that once he starts lying, Preston doesn’t stop.  When Veronica calls while he is having dinner with Allison, Preston says that he’s at home studying.  Allison questions Preston about why he is lying to Veronica if they are in a relationship.  She says that even in high school that Veronica was an understanding person; Allison doubts that Veronica would have an issue with Preston getting together with an old friend.


Back on the fraudulent bus accident case, Amanda and Mitch are able to track down a woman who appears in photos from several bus accidents.  They find Monica Holmes unloading groceries from her car. ‘”We’d like to talk with you about your neck and back injuries after you’re finished unloading those heavy bags,” Mitch tells Monica.  Since she realizes that she been caught participating in a crime, Monica becomes their informant and gives Mitch and Amanda information about another upcoming staged bus accident.  The postal inspectors board the bus and pose as passengers.  Like clockwork, after the accident Isaac approaches them saying he saw the whole thing and gives Amanda a card with the name of a doctor who helped him when he had a previous accident.  Amanda goes to get “checked out” by Dr. Jones (Brandon Hirsch), who only asks her questions about her injuries.  He tells her that x-rays or MRIs aren’t needed because he’s seen injuries like these from other accident.  He does suggest that she go see an attorney he knows, Garland Ellis (David Reinwald). When Amanda meets with Attorney Ellis, the lawyer talks about how he’s seen dozens of cases like hers where even people who weren’t on the buses received payouts. He adds that funds are set up for claims such as these and if she continues with between 3 to 5 doctor visits a week with Dr. Jones, he’s sure he can get her a huge settlement.  She’ll be able to wear something shiner than a neck brace when he’s finished.  Mitch and Amanda later learn that Dr. Jones submitted bills to the insurance company for several doctor visits and medical tests he never performed. Gotcha!



The lies continue for Preston as he attends Allison tennis tournament. But his lies catch up with him when Veronica arrives at the tennis tournament and calls him out on his deceit. However later at the Wainwright house, Veronica admits that she knew he was lying because she spoke with Allison and learned that Preston and Allison were getting together for dinner when Preston replied back to the text Veronica sent that he was sick. And when he was with Allison at the restaurant but lied that he was home studying, Veronica had asked Allison to question him to see how Preston felt his and Veronica’s relationship. Preston and Veronica realize that they both were being dishonest to the other. And Noah is always there to remind his friends that honesty is the best policy.


The episode concludes with Dr. Jones, Isaac and Dr. Ellis being arrested for insurance fraud in the bus accident scam. But poor Amanda turns the wrong way and suffers a real neck injury.

“The Bus Stops Here” was an enjoyable and informative episode of The Inspectors.  As a former Personal Injury paralegal who worked on many legitimate bus accident claims, it was interesting to see the show approached it from the illegal side. Well done writers and actors.

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