#TheInspectors Bribe&Prejudice S2Ep14 via @stacyamiller85 directed by @terryserpico @CBSInspectors

A case involving robberies of parcels containing expensive jewelry was the focus of CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Bribe and Prejudice” directed by Terry Serpico, who plays Mitch.

As the episode opens, mail carrier Franklin (Jay Devon Johnson) is robbed of a parcel containing jewelry from Carroll’s Jewelers.  He meets with postal inspectors Mitch and Amanda (Terry Serpico) and gives them information on the crime. Two men approached him while he was in his mail truck and while the larger one blocked the door, the smaller one sporting a distinctive tattoo demanded the package from Carroll’s Jewelers warning that if he cooperated he wouldn’t get hurt. Franklin was lucky as this was the latest in mail carrier jewelry robberies and some of his postal colleagues have been assaulted.  Amanda promises that they will do everything they can to catch the persons responsible.


Meanwhile at the University Grind, Noah (Harrison Knight) has become interested in taking selfies and putting his friends Preston (Bret Green) and Veronica (Erica M. Sanchez) into the photos. Preston is preoccupied with the paper he has to write as his professor is a difficult grader and Preston wants an ‘A’. Later at his house looking at Noah’s photos, Preston spots reclusive author JB Cosgrove having coffee in the background of one of the pictures.  He now has a topic for his paper, which is an exclusive interview with the author.  So, Noah and Preston arrange to sit nearby JB Cosgrove so she can overhear them discussing lines from her books.  Although reluctant because she hasn’t given an interview in over twenty years, JB Cosgrove agrees to interview with Preston since the interview is just for his class paper.


In order to catch the perpetrators of the mail carrier truck robberies and needing someone who can convincingly play a mail carrier, Mitch dusts off his old postal carrier uniform and goes undercover. Amanda is concerned that the change in the route carrier may cause the robbers to be suspicious but fortunately, Mitch is confronted and ordered to hand over the Carroll’s Jewelers package. Amanda and her team move in and an arrest is made. In addition, the investigation reveals that the suspect is Barry Hawke (Eric Aragon) of the Hawke crime family.  When questioned, Barry tells Mitch and Amanda that the crime involves something bigger that just postal truck robberies.  But in order for him to talk, Barry wants to make a deal.  Since Amanda and Mitch can’t negotiate this deal, the US Attorney is called in on the case.  As part of the deal, Barry is to wear a wire when he meets with his cousin Randy (Michael Masini), the mastermind behind the crime. Randy questions Barry as to why he was two days late to deliver the latest stolen jewelry package.  Barry tells Randy that he’s tired of being the parcel delivery guy because he was moving up in the organization prior to his father’s death.  The postal investigators listen in on the conversation and when they have enough evidence, make the arrest.


Preston is upset when he receives an ‘F’ on his paper. Apparently, his professor thinks that he made the whole interview with JB Cosgrove up because the author hasn’t given an interview in over twenty years.  So why and how would Preston have gotten an interview with her? Noah and Veronica suggest that Preston trying contacting JB Cosgrove to see if she’ll help straighten things out with the professor.  So, Preston meets the author at the coffee shop and explains what happened.  JB Cosgrove sympathizes with Preston’s plight but doesn’t want to get involved.  She promised him a fifteen minute interview; that ‘s why she has kept people out of her life because of the problems connected with them. Preston recalls a conversation he had with his father three years ago in which Preston was upset about something that happened and didn’t want to share with Mr. Wainwright.  Preston’s father told him at that time that if he opens up about his problems he’ll find that people may want to help.  Preston goes to JB Cosgrove and tells her the same thing.  He believes that part of the reason she agreed to the interview was that she was secretly tired of being alone and if she opens up, people may surprise her.


The case concludes with Mitch and Amanda learning that the informant was part of Carroll’s Jewelers, who would file a claim with the insurance company for the stolen jewelry and also try to collect through the postal’s merchandise insurance, a clear case of insurance fraud.

Preston is in his class when JB Cosgrove enters.  She apologizes to the professor for interrupting but needed to speak with Mr. Wainwright for a moment.  She tells Preston that he forgot to give her a copy of the interview and thanks him for what he said. The professor doesn’t say a word but looks on surprised to see the famous author in his class. I guess he’ll have to change the grade on Preston’s paper now. Here’s hope that Preston gets that ‘A’ he wanted!

I enjoyed “Bribe and Prejudice” very much and offer praise to Terry Serpico on his direction.  He really knows not only his character but the others as well and always gets the best performances from his fellow actors in the episodes he directs.

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