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Who would have thought that when the character of Ruby first appeared on Supernatural she would have played such a significant role in the lives of both Sam Winchester and his portrayer, Jared Padalecki?

Ruby was the character who was instrumental in leading Sam down the path of lying and deceiving his brother Dean.


She was first played by Katie Cassidy. However, because of the powers that be, Katie was unable to continue the role in Season 4.  Another actress stepped into the role. Her name was Genevieve Cortese and the mark she made to Supernatural and star Jared Padalecki’s life is a reason to celebrate on February 27.

Cortese’s Ruby offered something different from original portrayer Katie Cassidy. Previously, Ruby was just a bad ass demon who at times seemed as though she viewed Sam as a fool to be manipulated. Witness this line from the season 3 episode “Jus In Bello” ‘You let the Colt get out of your thick, clumsy, idiotic hands.’ But when Genevieve began playing the role, the dynamic of the Sam/Ruby relationship changed. Sure, she was still manipulating him, but there was a new element now. A spark that could be seen.

This was due to the chemistry of the actors. Jared and Genevieve’s respect and friendship blossomed into love.  They became engaged and married on February 27, 2010. The couple has two children, Thomas Colton and Austin Shepherd.  They are expecting a daughter this spring.

Today as Jared and Genevieve celebrate their anniversary, I wish them a lifetime full of happiness.

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