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March 1st is Supernatural star Jensen Ackles’ birthday. Here’s hoping this super guy has a super birthday!

Jensen has played Dean Winchester on the beloved series Supernatural on The CW for 12 years in which time he has grown in the character and grown a large fan base.


Although he had previous acting credits, Ackles first became noticed by audiences for his portrayal of Eric Brady on the long running daytime soap Days of Our Lives.  He then starred as Alec on Dark Angel opposite Jessica Alba.

Jensen Ackles appeared on Smallville as Jason Tighe before auditioning for Supernatural. Ironically, he was cast as Sam Winchester while the search for Dean continued.  A casting change found Jared Padalecki playing Sam with Jensen switching to the role of protective older brother Dean, a role Ackles plays to perfection.

Supernatural fans have stated that the brotherly chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki is one of the reasons they love the show.

He also began directing on Supernatural during the show’s sixth season with the episode “Weekend At Bobby’s.”

Despite a hectic shooting schedule, Jensen Ackles appears at numerous conventions throughout the year offering fans the chance to connect with him and the show.  Additionally, he and Supernatural co-stars support numerous charities.

Jensen Ackles is one of those performancer who gives 110% to his work and to his fans.

The busy actor and director is married to actress Danneel Harris and the couple are the parents of three children: Justice Jay, Zeppelin and Arrow.

On this March 1, Jensen Ackles birthday, I’d like to offer my thanks and continue support to him in his career.

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In honor of Jensen’s birthday, here’s a poem by poet and The Nerdy Girl Express writer Tracy Diane Miller:

Quiet perfection in his eyes, a birthday poem for @JensenAckles by Tracy Diane Miller

There is quiet perfection
You can see it in his eyes
Yet his compassionate spirit
Should come as no surprise

He gives the world his best
Family and friends
His heart he shares
The quiet perfection in his eyes
Is a testament of how much he cares

We adore him as Dean Winchester
A heroic big brother who loves pie
Because Jensen invests his soul
In all that he does
Without ever asking why

For you Jensen Ackles
My Muse gives me this poem to write
Best wishes on your birthday
May it give you much delight

Comments? Sound off below. Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .


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