#TheOriginals The Strength of Vampire Siblings Klaus & Elijah via @stacyamiller85 @cworiginals #AlwaysandForever

Sibling relationships can be challenging. Despite having a close bond, there may also be jealousy and resentment thrown into the mix.  How can sisters and brothers maintain a love and respect for each other with these two huge obstacles standing in their way?

Years of therapy help siblings work through their issues.  But on television, siblings often resort to more dangerous methods.  Take the Mikaelson brothers Klaus and Elijah (Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies) on The CW’s The Originals.  When they’ve had problems they were unable to work through, downtime from their brother was sought via a dagger through the heart.  But before you gasp in shock, the stabbings just resulted in a nap; a decades long nap though as Klaus and Elijah are vampires.  And if you think you and your sister or your brother have a complicated relationship, it doesn’t even come close to these two(Though Damon and Stefan Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries could give the Mikaelson brothers a run for their money). But when you are vampires, you have centuries of pent up rage and resentment. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin for Klaus and Elijah.  However when it’s all said and done, love always prevails. The true strength of Klaus and Elijah lies in their family commitment. “Always and forever” is the Mikaelson family motto; simply put, “Even though I’ve tried to kill you, no one is more important to me than you because you’re family.” This motto is legendary as even the Mikaelson’s foes discuss it when referring to the family.

When The Originals return for the new season on March 17, viewers will see the Mikaelsons trying to recapture all they lost when Marcel betrayed them. Will they regain their power? Smart money is on “yes.”  After all, you can’t keep the Mikaelsons down for long. And whatever comes their way, you can be assured that Klaus and Elijah will have each other’s backs.


The final season of The Originals saw Elijah and Klaus’ brotherly bond severed after Elijah allowed Hayley to die due to the memory loss he suffered from Vincent’s spell and Marcel’s compulsion. As the Mikaelson sibling had taken on the dark magic of The Hollow to protect Hope, being together threatened the world. Elijah thought it easier to forget the bond of Always and Forever he shared with his siblings. But Elijah Mikaelson without a memory just made things worse.

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