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The latest CBS The Inspectors episode titled “It’s a Wash” focused on the cashing of counterfeit money orders.

As the episode opens Amanda (Jessica Lundy) is assuring a woman, who cashed money orders for her prison pen pal boyfriend, that she won’t be charged because she didn’t know that they were counterfeit. But Mitch (Terry Serpico) takes a ‘tough love’ approach, warning the woman that she should be more careful with whom she chooses to correspond.  The postal inspectors investigation of the prisoner calls into question how he was able to obtain and white wash the counterfeit money orders. Mitch and Amanda’s questioning of a woman named Tonya (Arlyn Broche) give them information on another suspect involved in the scam.

Meanwhile at University Grind, Noah (Harrison Knight) asks Preston’s (Bret Green) help on a word puzzle he’s working on. In walks basketball player Michael Baker on crutches. Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) comments how sad it is that Michael was hurt from the fall he took while helping to build houses for the homeless.  And what’s worse, now Michael is in danger of losing his scholarship because he will be unable to play basketball for Jamestown. Preston can’t believe that Jamestown University is willing to deny Michael of his education when he was trying to do something good. As she can’t appear bias, Veronica suggests that Preston go on her show and speak out on Michael’s behalf. Ever the one to stand up (no pun intended) for a injustice, Preston agrees. On the show, he talks about Jamestown University’s policy to revoke scholarships when athletes suffer injuries that occur outside of playing the sport. He adds that he doesn’t feel Michael should be punished for trying to help those less fortunate.  Preston’s words stir the student body and they take up pickets supporting Michael.

Dean Foley (Gilbert Glynn Brown) calls Preston into his office. He says that when there is a controversy at the university, Preston always seems to be in the center of it. Dean Foley is sorry about what’s happening with Michael’s scholarship and tells Preston that it’s being looking into. Unfortunately, there are other more pressing issues that are higher on Jamestown University’s priority list.  He tells Preston that as Wainwright is someone the other students look up to, he needs to be careful when vocalizing concerns and act more responsibly.

After his talk with Dean Foley, Preston returns to Veronica’s show with an update. He reveals that he spoke with a high ranking school official, who he refuses to name, but it rhymes with “Schmean Smoley” (Way to be subtle Preston!) and was told that Jamestown University are looking into the issue of Michael’s scholarship but it’s not a high priority.  Preston’s second appearance gets a social media campaign started on Michael’s behalf to help the “knee-dy” (catchy as Michael Baker suffered a knee injury).

Meanwhile on the counterfeit money order case, Mitch and Amanda go to Westgate Pen and bring in prison guard Fred Toller (Tommy Groth), who was working with the prisoner on the white wash money order scam. Fred is going back to prison, but not as a guard. Scared how he’ll be treated if he arrives wearing his prison guard uniform, Fred pleads with Mitch and Amanda to allow him to go home first to change. At Toller’s house, Fred also asks the postal inspectors to lie to his mom that he won’t be home tonight because of a bowling tournament.  After Amanda’s conversation with Mrs. Toller, Fred’s mother invites Mitch and Amanda to dinner. Mitch proves what a softy he can be when he goes along with the lie instead of telling Mrs. Toller about her son’s arrest.

As the episode concludes, Dean Foley appears as a guest on Veronica’s show and announces that Jamestown University will look into Michael’s scholarship situation. But in the meantime, the coach will reinstate Michael as a player and he’ll get to keep his scholarship.

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