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It’s felt like an entire age has passed since we were left on the cliff hanger of the season 2 finale of iZombie, that is only a week off from being a year old. Read on below for a spoiler filled recap!

The premiere starts right off where it left us, actually 2.8 minutes later, with the massacre at Max Rager being cleaned up. Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage), our new big cast member and possible new baddie doesn’t do anything by half measures and not only takes all the survivors to her HQ for medical treatment and debriefing so everyone has their story straight, but also blows the basement where almost all of the bodies are. No evidence means no proof of zombies. This is exactly what she and her company FG (Filmoore Graves, hah get it? I love this punny show) want. They know a D-day is coming though, discovery day. That most humans are not going to be like Ravi and Clive and accept zombies right off the bat. Most won’t even be like Peyton who freaked out and ran. No they know, and it’s Major who guesses right because he acted the same when he found out, that humans are going to exterminate the zombies rather than help them.

Vivian and FG have a plan though, they not only have a militarized group of trained mercenary zombies waiting to protect and possibly lead action against humans, they also have zombie kids, zombie personnel and even some trusted humans in their midst. They also have an island they’re getting ready to live on. Aptly named Zombie Island, it can house the couple hundred of zombies and they will live separately from the rest of humanity. I’m not sure if we can trust Vivian right now, it seems like her heart is in the right place, but she seems to have a ruthless streak in her and that if anyone gets in her way, it doesn’t matter the consequences. She’ll change everything to her way.

Brain games aren’t as fun as they used to be

We also find out that Vivian’s husband mysteriously disappeared after he found a way to get brains for cheap and not from the guy extorting them. I’m guess her and Blaine will be meeting up sooner or later now.

Speaking of Blaine, he also had a big part in the premiere. Not only do he and Peyton have a couple moments together, where it looks like they may be getting even more close. I mean at least he picked up the phone, unlike Ravi. Blaine also learns about his old business and how Don E and Chief had taken it over. He fires Don E, but I found it strange that he was so calm about it. Does Blaine still have amnesia? Is Don E right with the fact that he thinks Blaine is playing everyone? Or does he really have retrograde amnesia and this is the person Blaine would be without all his dark past? Of course if he isn’t faking, that dark past is rushing up to ruin the new Blaine. Don E found Angus in the freezer and decided to wake him up. The two now have a scheme to take Blaine’s business and make more zombies for profit and Angus wants to do even more than that.

So points that Blaine may be faking: One, he took down Mr. Bosses thugs down like a champ and without remorse. Most people aren’t like that. Two, he took Don E and Chief cheating him out of money and stealing his business and treating him like crap super nice. Too nice. Three, he’s started singing again. Now this one may just be a coincidence, but since he had the cure Blaine hadn’t sung. Meanwhile evil Blaine sang all the time. While it’s always lovely to hear David Anders sing, it makes me wonder if evil Blaine isn’t back, or perhaps slowly coming up to the surface.

Just wondering what’s on your mind…oh, it’s my hands!

All our ‘good’ characters had a meeting earlier in the episode and decided that they were a group and there would be no more secrets between them. They all agreed, but I think this is already falling apart for some of them. You have Peyton who may or may not be getting back together with Blaine. He’s a ‘different’ man now, and Ravi in his depressed state over her, isn’t being the support she needs. Blaine is. I don’t see her telling anyone about it though, knowing their feelings around him. Then there is Ravi. Ravi is super depressed over Peyton and disappointed in himself for not going in and helping save her. This is resulting in him avoiding Peyton and the space between them is growing. He does tell Liv how he’s feeling, but he doesn’t let her in on his new blue brain. Her or Major as far as we know. Only Clive. I’ll get back on that blue brain in a bit.

Liv is hiding her grief over losing Drake as much as possible, but it’s leaking out to where both Ravi and Clive see it. They are true friends and help her through it with brains and drinks. Still she doesn’t seem to be communicating this with her best friend Peyton or Major. In fact both seem completely oblivious to it. Major is having his own issues, being the chaos killer doesn’t come with a lot of perks. He decides to side with FG and gets hired on by them, so he is going to be team Z all the way now. Clive too is having an emotional time. He mentions to Liv that they should tell someone ‘higher up’ about zombies for back up just in case. Especially after the crazy radio host picked up on possible zombies for the whole world to hear. My mind screamed Bozzio when he did this and I’m hoping she will be back on the show soon. We also see him connect with young Wally, who turns out is also a zombie along with the rest of his family.

Clive goes through a deep shock when Liv and Ravi arrive at a new murder and they find out its Wally and his family. Max Rager had been planted on one of the bodies and it’s an obvious set up and message. Clive while seemingly firmly on team Human, wants vengeance for whats happened. He knows they’re good zombies who don’t deserve to be murdered. Liv is one. Wally and his family another. I feel like this. This feeling of hurt, fear, and danger on both sides is what will push and escalate this situation.

Now back to that blue brain. Ravi explains to Clive that he’s working on the amnesia part of the cure. He only has 17 doses, but with Major running out of time from the first cure he’s trying to figure out how to mitigate the damage of the second cure. So he is trying to stimulate the brain’s memory functions. We had a hint of this before and what seems will be a big plot device later as it was used for promotional pics. Here is the pic of the brain.


Wonder how that one would taste?

Now will Ravi be able to fix the amnesia? Will this be able to help a zombie who hasn’t eaten and forgotten themselves? Can it be a cure all on its own? Or maybe Ravi will just cure amnesia/dementia/Alzheimer’s for the entire human race, zombies included? Or will it too have some crazy side effects? So far nothing the show has brought up that is a drug and has to do with zombies mixes well. The original bad batch that turned Blaine and in turn Liv. Max Rager. The first cure that will just straight up kill you after a short time. Or the second cure that gives you possibly permanent amnesia. I can’t wait to see what Vivian and the others would think about this too. So far she has been kept away from Ravi, and I hope it stays that way. I have a feeling she wouldn’t want someone ‘curing’ them. Seeing it as something that didn’t need to be cured.


The ratings for the premiere were what I was expecting. Lower than normal. Usually iZombie hits around a 0.7. Last night, even though there was a ton of attention on twitter (#2 trending at one point!), the show did a solid 0.4 instead. With almost a year between seasons and a rather lack of promotion throughout that year, it’s not surprising the numbers are a bit lower. I’m hoping that they will tick up to the normal once people realize the show is back on. So make sure to share this article and tell everyone you know!

Luckily there is no break yet as the CW likes to do with its shows for next week and we are going to get an amazing episode entitled, “Zombie Knows Best” where Liv eats the brains of a 40 year old banker dad and Major his 15 year old daughter. Watch the preview below and tell me what you thought of this episode in the comments, or on twitter. Either @thenerdygirlexp or my personal one @quietlikastorm.


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