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The latest CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Trial by Error” focused on sending threatening letters and potentially dangerous substances through the mail.

As the episode opens, Jose Garcia (Jim H. Miranda) of Garcia Construction is showing Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) the letters he’s been receiving signed ‘QV’ and telling him what an awful person he is and that he deserves his mall project to fail. Amanda explains that unless the letters contain a direct threat under the First Amendment they’re not illegal and unfortunately, there’s nothing the postal inspectors can do. But later when Garcia brings another letter to them that is obviously threatening, Amanda asks him for permission to monitor his mail.  Garcia tells them that his company has a P.O. Box in town.  Mitch and Amanda begin going through the mail for the construction company and Mitch finds a padded parcel containing a suspicious powdery substance. Amanda tells Mitch she’ll contact the dangerous substance unit and everyone is cleared out of the postal facility.

It’s the moment that students studying pre law at Jamestown University has been waiting for: mock trial time.  The mock case is one where an employee is bring a suit against the CEO of a company where he was fired after being bullied by his manager. Stacey Pierce (Gabby Borders) is assigned to represent the defendant, while Preston (Bret Green) will act as attorney for the CEO.  Preston isn’t happy about having to defend someone accused of bullying but his professor reminds that everyone is entitled to fair representation under the law.

Veronica (Erica Sanchez) thinks the term mock is a little silly but offers to help Preston with the trial by playing Ms. Sanders, the CEO. Preston and Veronica learn that Noah (Harrison Knight) is assisting Stacey in the role of the bullied employee a.k.a. the defendant. In fact, Noah tells them that he and Stacey are going out to discuss the case.  Noah and Stacey end up at a movie theater where she suggests they see the film “The Tide Against Us” which should help them in their case preparation.

At the mock trial, Stacey gives her opening statement first and presents her client as a man who tried to do his job to the best of his ability but found it difficult when he was constantly being berated by his manager, with the bullying resulting in his termination.  When Ms. Sanders (Veronica) is called to the stand, she testifies that she never saw the email the employee (Noah) sent about the bullying as she receives over a thousand emails a day and relies on her assistant to screen them. Attorney Stacey questions Ms. Sanders on whether she thinks it unprofessional of her assistant for not alerting her to the email, but Preston objects that they’re not there to determine what the CEO’s managers decide she should or shouldn’t see. Unfortunately, Veronica as Ms. Sanders has to admit that a comment that comes off as bullying could effect an employee’s work performance. But Preston is able to turn it around slightly when he gets the employee (Noah) on the stand and questions him about the other jobs he was terminated from due to chronic lateness.

Meanwhile, Mitch has been constantly sneezing after getting a whiff of the strange powder in the Garcia parcel. Georgia (Charmin Lee) reveals that the powder comes from tree pollen, from a tree with the initials ‘QV’. An image from the site of Garcia Construction shows an old tree with something carved in it. On closer view, the name Buckley 1941 can be seen. Mitch investigates and tells Amanda that Buckley was the original owner of the mall construction site on parcel 12, which ironically is the return address on the envelopes Mr. Garcia has been receiving. Buckley is dead but his surviving family member is a daughter that lives in a retirement home. Mitch and Amanda pay a visit to Rebecca Buckley (Melinda Tanner) and find her at her desk writing a letter.  She comments about Mitch being allergic to the pollen powder she sent and how that awful construction company is planning to cut down the tree that was planted the year she was born; she and that tree share a legacy. Ms. Buckley is arrested.

Although both counsel presented compelling arguments, Stacey wins the mock trial. A mock celebration with mock presents is suggested.

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