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The latest CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Major Decisions” focused on the dangers of  falling victim to phony companies sending fake invoices for goods they don’t have. Meanwhile, Preston (Bret Green), Veronica (Erica Sanchez) and Noah (Harrison Knight) faced declaring their majors, which is a big step for college students towards their futures.

The episode opens with Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) talking with Jamestown University bookstore employee Karen Crenshaw (Jackie Mah) about Trident Wholesale Booksellers sending the university an invoices for books the school never received. Karen fears that if she doesn’t straighten this out, she’ll be fired. Mitch and Amanda ask her to provide them with copies of the canceled checks.

Meanwhile at University Grind, Noah (Harrison Knight), Veronica (Erica Sanchez) and Preston (Bret Green) are talking about Declaration Day at Jamestown University, a time honored tradition in which sophomore students declare their majors.  Noah is stressing because he wants it to be Film and Media Studies, but know that his parents will disapprove because they want him to pursue a career in engineering. Veronica is not her usual self and her cell phone seems to be blowing up with notifications. What is going on with her?

Amanda meets with her team regarding the fake invoice from Trident.  She then goes into the lab to talk with Georgia. In addition to discussing the case, Amanda and Georgia make a pro/con list for why Amanda should or shouldn’t accept the promotion. Amanda remembers how her late husband Henry was a great person to help her make important decisions because he never told her what to do, but instead gave her sound advice in which to consider her options.

Preston questions Veronica about the way she’s been acting and she comes clean. Veronica decided that in order to show how passionate she is about journalism and the news stories she reports, Ms. Ruiz shared her content online to get viewers response.  Unfortunately, the only responses she has been receiving are from Twitter trolls criticizing her and not even showing any interest in her stories. Preston sympathizes with her situation and shows his support when he and Noah read some of the comments from users slamming Veronica on her appearance and her trademark way she ends her broadcasts with ‘ciao.’ Veronica had responded to some messages asking about her relationship status and she wrote “it’s complicated.” And because Preston defends her in his posting, he is assumed to be Veronica’s boyfriend.  He too writes “it’s complicated.” Later, Veronica tells Preston that although she appreciates him standing up for her, his comments made things worst. She wonders whether she’s cut out for journalism, especially since no one seems to be interested in what she has to say.

Karen Crenshaw comes to the postal inspectors’ office to bring Mitch and Amanda the copies of the checks used to pay the invoices. The signatures of the owner of Trident and former bookstore employee Roger Singleton (John Woodson) have the same distinctive script.

Noah makes a highlight reel of Veronica’s news stories so she can see what a great journalist she is. Preston is impressed by Noah’s skill on the computer keyboard as he compiles the footage; he is obviously a gifted filmmaker. Noah comments that he will miss it, which means that he probably will go with what his parents want for him and declare engineering as his major. While viewing the footage, Preston spots the Trident company logo in the story where student Jennifer Davis (Diana Chiritescu) talks about how nice retired Jamestown University bookstore employee Roger Singleton was to her and encouraging in supporting of her designs for a company she is considering starting after graduation.

Preston brings a blowup of the logo design to Amanda.

Jennifer Davis speaks with Mitch and Amanda.  She had no idea that Roger was using her logo design to commit a crime. She tells the postal inspectors that the last time she spoke with Roger, he told her that he wanted to meet with her at the Jamestown University bookstore; he had a souvenir for her from one of his trips. Now, the postal inspectors are able to tie Trident Wholesale Booksellers to Roger Singleton, and also now know where to pick him up to make the arrest. So later at the Jamestown University bookstore, Roger gives Jennifer the painting he brought back for her. He is then arrested for mail fraud in the fake invoice scam.

At Declaration Day, Noah meets with a Jamestown University representative from the School of Engineering.  But in the end, he goes with his true love and declares Film and Media Studies as his major. And after seeing the highlight reel Noah made for her, Veronica realizes that nasty comments shouldn’t stop her from pursuing journalism. “Confidence is in me,” Veronica tells Preston and Noah.

As the episode closes, Preston talks with his mother about his fear that if he remains in the wheelchair for the rest of his life, he won’t be able to give Veronica the life she deserves.

“Major Decisions” was an informative episode of The Inspectors reminding of the importance of doing your homework and researching unknown companies before paying for services.

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