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Prison Break’s latest episode “Contingency” provided viewers with a gift in a tightly written package of emotional and dramatic goodies.

When it was announced that Prison Break would be returning for a revived Season 5 and that Wentworth Miller would be reprising his role as Michael Scofield, the question I asked myself was “How?” and I’m sure that I was not alone.  After all, the last time we saw Prison Break was a movie that we were told would be the final outing for the convict heroes we’ve come to know and love. And Scofield (my favorite character) was not only dead, he was sincerely dead (to borrow from The Wizard of Oz) But c’mon, this is Prison Break…when has THAT ever stopped them before?  So, the question was, how could the writers pull off a satisfactory Michael Scofield resurrection?

Well, we got our answer to that burning question.  And let me just say, I was pleased as punch.  The tale of Scofield’s return from the dead was carefully crafted and held true to the integrity of the character.  Is there any other character on Prison Break more into self-sacrificing than Michael Scofield?  He explained to his brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) that right before his wedding to Sara (Sara Wayne Callies) he was contacted by Poseidon, who told him that the pardons they received from Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) weren’t good and unless he worked for them, they all would end up back in Fox River.  Michael refused the offer to work for Poseidon.  That is, until Sara was imprisoned in Prison Break: The Final Break.  He realized he had no other choice. “Everything I did, I did for family. For you, for Sara, for Mike,” Michael tells Lincoln.  But he is reminded by Lincoln that he doesn’t always have to go at it alone, he could have leaned on his family for help, that’s what family is for. Ah, the emotion.  But Michael and Lincoln don’t have time for a hug fest as they have to get out of Yemen.

Sara was absent from the previous episode but returned for this one. T-Bag (the always delightful Robert Knepper had far too little scenes in the episode) gave her some information that made it seem as though her husband Jacob was plotting with Poseidon. But viewers discovered that their initial suspicions on Jacob’s actions were false.  I owed Jacob an apology, which I promptly issued to the Prison Break Writers via Twitter. Sara and Jacob’s scenes were good. I’m still not seeing any chemistry between the two, so I can’t be fully behind their marriage (I wouldn’t be anyway as no one can compare to Michael for Sara in my book).  Season 5 reminds me a lot of Season 2 after the guys broke out of Fox River, but being trapped in Yemen is way scarier (and more dangerous) than the cross country hiding Scofield and company did in Season 2.

Sid’s death was my least favorite part of the episode, especially after his talk with Whip. I wish the character could have been spared. Oh well.

The final scene of the episode where Michael and Lincoln don’t make the plane was perfect as it helped heightened the “we are royally screwed” aspect of their situation. Stuck in the country, their ride gone- what the double heck do they do now? Does Michael have a plan? Probably not, but one of the best things about Prison Break is the by the fly Michael and characters often get out of the tough situations.

“Contingency” was by far my favorite episode of Season 5.  If the rest of the season continues on this trajectory, a sixth season renewal could not be out of the realm of possibility (please powers that be?)

Comments? Sound off below.  Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .













Comments? Sound off below.  Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .


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