Love Anthony By: Lisa Genova, Bestselling Author of Still Alice via @erinwise82


Once again Lisa Genova has delivered another masterpiece. I found myself drawn deep into this heartbreakingly beautiful story. A story that I, myself, deal with everyday. A tale that has instilled more love and hope in my heart, in my life.

Opening eyes to the world of what its like to be an autistic child, a parent to an autistic child, and a bystander on the side line…Lisa brings you into the lives of two very different women, from two different walks of life. One being Olivia, a mother of a toddler, Anthony. Her entire life is flipped upside down when her little boy is diagnosed with autism. Olivia found it very difficult, her son didn’t speak, didn’t like to be touched, didn’t even make eye-contact. As a mother, it’s heart wrenching knowing your child will never say I love you, Mom. Though as time went on, Olivia found peace with Anthony’s autism, learning his world and her world could exist together. That’s when tragedy strikes, Anthony passed.

Seeking solitude and answers, she sets herself up on Nantucket. Searching for meaning in Anthony’s life, she meets Beth. Through their very limited short friendship, both women are united through one tiny voice. A tiny voice that answers everything they need to know…..everything they’ve been longing for.

I found it very difficult to write this review, there is no way possible I could even describe how extraordinary this book is. I can relate to the characters. I can relate to both women’s stories. And much more than that, I understand my own autistic son, as well as other children with autism so much clearer. Books like these can open your eyes to subjects you’re blinded to.

No matter who you are or how you work, you are not broken. You are you, you work your own individual way.

This is a Nerdy Girl must read!!! I recommend it to any and every one!

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