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Last week was the season finale of The Originals and saw the Mikaelsons making the ultimate sacrifice: Destroying their pledge of “Always and Forever” in order to save Hope (Summer Fontana) from The Hollow (Blu Hunt).

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the season finale episode titled “The Feast for All Sinners” please do not continue reading.

The evil all powerful entity known as The Hollow that has be plaguing the city of New Orleans all season had the upper hand against the all powerful original vampire family known as the Mikaelsons. The Hollow possessed the youngest Mikaelson, Hope with the intention of joining the little witch’s magical powers with her own. Of course, the Mikaelsons had no intention of letting that happen. Despite everything that the vampire family has put each other through, (like betrayals and driving stakes into one another) the bond of family love and loyalty was eternal like their lives. They would do anything for family, fight any foe.  This has been what makes the Mikaelsons unstoppable.  The family credo of “Always and Forever.”  However, this bond was in danger of being severed.  Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) explained that he has a ritual to remove The Hollow from Hope’s body but in doing so, four portions (representing her four bones that were separated the first time she was defeated) of The Hollow’s spirit had to be transferred into four equally powerful hosts (The Mikaelsons). And once it was done, the Mikaelsons had to separate forever in order for The Hollow to be unable to be rejoined.  To save his daughter, although he didn’t like losing his family, Klaus would make it so.

“The Feast for All Sinners” gave viewers many emotional scenes showing various members of the Mikaelson family reactions to the news of what the ritual meant for them as a family.  Freya (Riley Voelkel), the oldest sibling and their witch “go-to” consulted her mother Esther’s spell books.  She was determined to find a way that didn’t mean destroying her family.  When it looked like brother Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic), the fourth vampire required for the ritual (along with Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah) wouldn’t make it, Freya decided to ask girlfriend Keelin (Christina Moses) to turn her into a vampire so Hope’s mother Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) wouldn’t have to take Kol’s place and leave her daughter.  After all, Freya knew how it felt to grow up without a mother. It was sad to see that Freya, who finally found love with Keelin, would give up her happiness.  But it spoke volumes to Freya’s character. Although she wasn’t around when the “Always and Forever” vow was made, Freya believed in its importance.  And as the oldest Mikaelson, she would protect her family. Fortunately, Kol arrived in time.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) could relate to Freya’s putting the family first.  He had done that for centuries.  As Klaus stated in the episode, Elijah was the keeper of the family bond and would feel the pain of their separation the most. Elijah has always been my favorite character on The Originals.  Besides for the fact that I have been a fan of Daniel Gillies since 2005 when he played Ethan Biggs on the TNT miniseries Into the West, he is the anti-hero, a tortured character.  These are my favorite types of characters as they have a lot to atone for and are not always good, but try to do the right thing for those they love.  On the outside, Elijah is a gentleman but on the inside, he is a monster.  He had to face what he is since the premiere of The Originals. But after Hayley’s journey into his mind, Elijah realized they could never be together.  Elijah asked Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Vincent to help him forget “Always and Forever” well, always and forever.  Vincent performed a ritual and Marcel compelled Elijah to “Let it go.”  Watching this scene was both good and bad. Good in that we got loads of past scenes highlighting the Mikaelsons’ history and bond and bad in that it was heartbreaking that Elijah would forget what really made him human, his love for his family.

Rebekah had to deal with the separation as well.  Although she’d been away from her family, that didn’t end her loyalty. Plus, she’d helped raise Hope during the first months of the child’s life.  Hope was the closest Rebekah ever came to being a mother.  Rebekah gave Freya a necklace to give to Hope from her auntie and sadly faced never seeing the little girl again.

On the plus side, it looked like Marcel and Rebekah would finally be together.

Speaking of Marcel, the scene where Klaus confessed how he wronged Marcel by not being the father he (Marcel) deserved was touching.  Marcel wasn’t the only one to shed a tear here.

In the final scene of the season finale, we saw Elijah playing the piano at a club in France.  Klaus left a bill in the tip glass. Elijah looked at his brother but didn’t know him.  It was the end of always and forever. I wonder how the writers of The Originals will address the family’s separation when the series returns the new season.

“The Feast for All Sinners” was a highly emotional and action packed season finale that perfectly closed the season for The Originals.

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