#Deadpool Character Profile from @CoffeeZ0mbie

It is official. It’s a confirmed thing. It is in progress as we speak. Or, er, read? Either way, Deadpool 2 is coming into our lives. Now, I’m total trash for Deadpool. He’s my baby. I’ll protect him with my life, even if he’s the one threatening it. Which causes several questions about my own level of sanity, but, for the sake of my own lack of wanting to acknowledge the slippery slope I’m on, I’m choosing to ignore this. Wade Wilson has been a favourite of mine for some time, from his witty remarks to his shades of grey way of thinking, he’s a character I can obsessively read and watch without ever feeling annoyed, bored, or like I’m experiencing a really bad cliché.

From his love of making everyone in the room want to blow their brains out if it’ll make his incessant yammering stop, to his (debatable) love of chimichangas, Deadpool makes even the toughest of souls get a little mushy in the heart place. So, with the upcoming film I felt it my duty to remind people just why he’s such a gift, both to comic lovers and screen junkies.

Well, that, and I just wanted to write a fluffy Deadpool piece.

  1. The first thing I always love to mention; Deadpool isn’t exactly hetero.


Sure, he can be, but that’s not all he is. Co-creator Fabian Nicieza has confirmed Deadpool is, in fact, any sexuality. Now, that can range from hetero, to omni, to ace, to pan. It can be a split second or a day or a month. It’s great seeing someone like Deadpool, a total badass mercenary, being comfortable just letting himself be whoever the Hell he wants to be.


I think this aspect was skipped over in the film, with only hints at him maybe being somewhat interested in males when he threatened the pizza delivery boy. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of insight into his actual sexuality and I would love to see the films play more into it. But in the film or not, Deadpool’s sexuality is definitely a thing worth noting. While the known relationships he’s had are with women (honestly the man has dated everyone, from fellow Mutants to Shiklah, the literal succubus Queen of the Undead), there are a lot of nods to his interest in males.


2. My second fave thing, when Deadpool talks to Clint.


Clint is deaf, something I think not many people know (I didn’t until I started reading more comics); since I don’t think it’s really a thing touched on in the MCU. But, Deadpool knows and in Hawkeye vs. Deadpool it’s shown. He signs for Clint instead of babbling away and making Clint read his lips, even going so far as to lift his mask so Clint can read his lips when needed. It’s a nice little nod to both a fact of Hawkeye and the kind of softie Deadpool is. I’m not entirely sure why he learned sign language, but the fact remains; he uses it to make it easier on Clint. I love seeing Deadpool cross-overs, it gives a small insight into his place in the Marvel Universe, and who doesn’t enjoy our lovely Merc with a Mouth pissing off some heroes?

3. Deadpool loves Captain America.


Yup, he’s a fan. In I Rule, You Suck Deadpool fought alongside false Avengers, and then met the real ones. Either way, he totally had a fanboy moment when coming face-to-face with Captain America. This just seems adorable. Out of every hero and villain and anti-hero Deadpool could fanboy over, he seems to get hard over the overly good characters. I often think it’s a sign of who he is, after all, you choose your favorite characters because they remind you of yourself (which I refuse to go into considering my faves are Deadpool and The Joker). But it could also just be a matter of the good guys can do whatever they want with little to no consequences, but for the sake of painting Wade as a precious li’l bundle of fluff, we’re going to say it’s the former.


4. Deadpool hears voices.


Literally. The two little boxes are constant companions in the comics, and they add both an insight to just how batty Wade is, and a little extra comedic value. These voices are often times making fun of Wade and sometimes even annoying him, but no matter the side they’re on, they are always sure to make you laugh out loud, even if you’re concerned for your fave Merc’s survival rate. Which doesn’t happen too often, given his near immortality, but sometimes you just worry he’s stuck his foot in it for the last time.

Deadpool has more layers than just crazy, psycho, or sarcastic shithead. Sure, he does some pretty sh*tty stuff for money, but he does still do a lot of good. And I mean a lot. He isn’t strictly Black and White, Good and Bad. There are layers and shades, and he’s a prime example of those.

What are your favorite things about Deadpool? Did I not cover one or many of the quirks you like most? Let me know in the comments below, or find me on Twitter!

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