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Have you ever wondered what a entertainment publicist does?  Or how does someone go about becoming a publicist?  Danny Deraney of Deraney PR recently interviewed with The Nerdy Girl Express to talk about the world of public relations. If you’ve ever been interested in this field, you’ll want to read on to find out more.

How would you explain the responsibilities of a publicist to someone unfamiliar with the job?
“One thing that never changes is the ability to raise awareness and bring publicity for your client. You are responsible for not only garnering press coverage for your client, but also generate new ways for your client to be seen. One thing I always tell people is that a publicist never sleeps. Because you are always always thinking of ways to make your client better.”
How did you get started as a publicist?
“I come from a television news background. I always wanted to be a sportscaster or play by play guy for as long as I remember. I actually got a job offer from KAIT-TV in Jonesboro, Arkansas but declined the position.
I worked at KPIX-TV in San Francisco and the job made so many of my childhood dreams come true. Prior to news, I worked in the sports department and I got to interview and work with iconic athletes and stay on the field during games. Eventually, i transferred into news where I got to work with some amazing colleagues on a variety of Emmy winning broadcasts. Eventually, I wanted to move back home to Southern California to be closer to my family. Since I dealt with PR professionals all the time at KPIX, I felt it was the next logical move.”
What would you say is the best quality needed to be a good publicist? 
“Charisma. Having a great background or graduating top of the class is fantastic. But you are nothing without charisma. It can take you anywhere.”
What is a typical day like for an entertainment publicist? 
“It depends on the client. If one of my actors is on a new television show or stage production, you are looking at ways to get them seen by the most eyes and gain exposure.”
You’re involved with crisis communication in the entertainment field. Can you tell us a little what that means and what it curtails? 
“Well, it is a situation you never as a client want to be in. The purpose of crisis communication is to help your client get through some trouble they or their brand is in or helping any allegations against them debunked. There are always people who are trying to wrongfully accuse your client for their gain or damage their brand. Sometimes rightfully so, but most times not.
My job, is to not only hand hold, but to help clear the client name of any wrong doing. If they are guilty of what they are accused of, my job is to present a situation where they own up to any and all mistakes.”
How would someone break into the field of PR work?
“College can teach you a great deal, but being out in the field is where you really earn your stripes. I suggest a couple things.
Work in a newsroom. Learning how the media works, how and why they put stories on the air. I cannot stress the importance of how that helped advance my career at a rapid rate and put me ahead of the curve when I got into the industry.
Secondly, like with any job, get an internship at an agency. You will learn the ins and outs of the machine that will also get your foot in the door. Even if it is not the type of PR work you want, take the job!”
Would you say that being a publicist in the age of technology has helped to strengthen how you’re able to fit the needs of your clients? 
“From a client standpoint, it has provided them a voice that previously was never available. It allows them to engage with fans and market themselves on a personal level.
For myself, it also allows me to scout talent and get myself familiar with people I may not know well and also get to know them on a different level. Believe it or not, my roster now is 90 percent based on my social media interactions or referrals.”
Is there anything you’d like our readers to know about Deraney PR?
“We are a firm that prides itself in fighting for the little (or big guy) and never lets a good opportunity go to waste. We love seeing the success of our clients appreciated by the masses because it knows we are doing something right!”
To learn more about Deraney PR, visit the website:
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