Why Do Fans Attend @CreationEnt #Supernatural Cons? via @stacyamiller85 #SPNPitt #SPNCon

Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural is taking place this weekend in Pittsburgh. Thousands of fans from across the country will be attending to see their favorite actors from the show they love, participate in events and mingle with each other.

I’ve only attended one Supernatural convention on general admission (March, 2009 in Cherry Hill, NJ) just for the Sunday.  I couldn’t afford to purchase any photo ops or autographs, but still had a great time listening to the panels (Misha Collins’ first ever Creation Supernatural convention), checking out the vendor area and participating in the trivia contest.

I’ve heard many reasons why fans will do anything to attend a Supernatural convention; some will spend hundreds of dollars for preferred gold tickets or travel cross country (or further) for the memorable weekend. Of course the chance to see your favorite Supernatural actor is an enticing reason and I’m sure there are others.  But if a convention attendee had to say what is the thing they look forward to the most about the convention, what would it be? Vote now and tell us.

Photo Courtesy of Creation Entertainment

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