#ThisIsUs Soundtrack Available 9/15 via @stacyamiller85 #ThisIsUsMusic @NBCThisIsUs

If there is any show currently on the air that stirs emotions and brings viewers to tears, it’s NBC’s This Is Us.

That’s because the acting on this series is so realistically honest that viewers have become invested in the lives of these characters.  The journey of the Pearsons has become our journey. We feel their triumphs and tragedies.  Their pain is our pain.  That’s why This Is Us has been unofficially dubbed “the crying show.”

In addition to the powerhouse acting done by the cast, the music on This Is Us also strikes a chord (no pun intended). Every note of the soundtrack brings the right beat and is a companion to the words spoken by the performers.  Now the music from This Is Us is available for the first time with the This Is Us Original Soundtrack. For information regarding the songs included on the This Is Us Original, please check out this article from Tune Find:


And Variety provides insight on how specific songs were selected for the soundtrack in this article:

How ‘This Is Us’ Music Team Chooses Tracks to Help You Cry

To order the This Is Us Original Soundtrack:


Thanks This Is Us for giving us a great show.  And thanks to the music team for adding to it with an excellent soundtrack!

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