Bad Education Season One Part Two Review from @ImmieBroods

Welcome back for part two of my Bad Education season one recap style review. I covered ‘Parents Evening’ and ‘Sex Education’ in part one. I’m following that up by covering the next two episodes ‘Self-defence’ and ‘School Trip.’ Now let’s get on with the review.

Alifie is in his class at the door and he can be seen telling his students “Here she comes, remember we rehearsed this.” Rosie walks into the classroom door as Alfie opens it for her. She looks at the students who say in unison “Oh captain my captain” while standing on their tables, very Dead Poets Society. Alfie then tells her “They do this every time I go to the bathroom.” She tells him there’s a staff meeting and he joins her. Everyone gets of the tables to leave with Rem Dogg in his wheelchair and still on the table with no one to help him down.

Fraser walks into the staff room to talk about the issue religious intolerance within the student body. He sits down as Rosie talks about an article she saw in the local newspaper about a videogame craze that all the kids are playing and are obsessed with. We’ve all had crazes before like GTA and more recently, Fidget Spinners. The craze in question is called “Tokyo Sin.” Kids are copying the moves from the games and reenacting bits, much like the wrestling craze where everyone would copy the wrestlers. Isobel decides to ban the game completely and Rosie agrees with her. They also establish a weapons amnesty in the school, an idea she borrowed from another institution. Fraser comes up with an alternate plan and suggests the teachers buy the game, play it and help the students kick the habit of playing it.

Alfie catches up with Rosie and they discuss the weapons amnesty further. He talks about having the weapons amnesty at a local restaurant. He’s basically trying to woo her and it’s funny to watch all the ideas he comes up with. Rosie just continues talking about using the canteen for the amnesty. Alfie goes to his classroom and everyone looks exhausted, apart from Joe who gives Alfie a free iced coffee. It turns out that everyone, except Joe, has a copy of the game. Alfie responds to this by talking about a craze that occurred back when he was younger called Pogs, but he is met with blank faces. He tries to explain the game, but they just look tired. Alfie tells them that Tokyo Sin is encouraging them to be violent. He asks them to bring in any weapons they have to lunch, which confuses the students.

He goes to see Fraser, who believes that the only way to stop a craze is to invent a new one, but Alfie shoots down any idea that Fraser throws at him. Alfie then leaves and goes to the staff room where it seems that the teachers are addicted to Tokyo Sin. To enter the canteen he has to walk through a metal detector and sees that there’s a guy named Ron who is assisting Rosie with the amnesty. He tries to be nice to Alfie, but Alfie is being horrible to him. He even goes so far as to threaten him. Ron tells him that he’s a police officer and Alfie immediately apologizes for threatening him. Rosie joins them and Alfie makes things much more awkward with some not so subtle sex jokes, cringe worthy entertainment.

Grayson is in the canteen as Stephen tells him to get the mac & cheese away from him because he’s allergic. Grayson sees this as an opportunity to bully Stephen. He throws the mac & cheese on Stephen’s face.  Stephen then snaps and delivers a flying kick to Grayson, which is a move from the game. It ends up with all the students in the canteen brawling. Rosie, Alfie and Fraser are walking the halls of the school and Rosie comes up with the idea that the kids should take self-defence classes. Fraser recommends a guy named Preet from his gym could come in and teach the kids. Rosie wants Ron to teach, but Alfie agrees with Fraser about bringing in Preet. Alfie shows them an informational video about self-defence that looks really racist. Alfie tries to use peace as a way to help the students deal with bullies, but Mitchell annoys him again. Fraser calls Alfie out of the class as Jing takes over. Alfie is put in a martial arts style lock by Preet when Fraser pulled him out of class to impress him with Preet’s skills. Preet is inappropriate with his comments, but Alfie still takes him to the school gym to teach his students about self-defence. Alfie volunteers to work with Preet so that his children do not get hurt. In the staff room, Isobel finds a copy of Tokyo Sin and plays the game.

Alfie is talking about peace as Preet puts him in a headlock and starts attacking Alfie while the kids ask questions. Preet hits him with a baton and then asks a student to hand him the taser. Alfie looks frightened as he lays on the floor with Preet holding him down. Alfie asks for help claiming that he was wrong, Joe tackles Preet and Stephen hands Alfie the taser, which he uses on Preet. The kids look on in horror as Alfie justifies what he did. Ron turns up to arrest Preet while Alfie talks to Rosie about being a hero. A photo is taken for the local newspaper with Alfie and Rosie. Alfie goes into the staff room to see Isobel playing Tokyo Sin, she snarls at Alfie and he leaves. Alfie gets Joe a copy of Tokyo Sin and Joe tells him the craze of Tokyo Sin is over. Mitchell comes in and describes the new craze to Alfie who tells him that he’s just described Pogs.

School Trip starts off with everyone on the bus. They’re heading towards a farm, which is full of sheep, cows, pigs, and mud. The bus driver seems a bit inappropriate as they head off to the farm. Stephen comments on Alfie’s boots and he’s just as witty as Mitchell. Chantelle asks him for relationship advice concerning a boy while Rem Dog argues paintballing can be academic because paint is involved, therefore it’s art. Alfie sits at the front talking with Rosie about a blind date she’s going on and Alfie gets jealous. Fraser is taking students to a poetry reading, but it’s actually a rap battle at a local club and Isobel is taking students to an abattoir to see animals be slaughtered.

They arrive at the ink museum and petting zoo where a farmer and his helper talk about some grim things that happen on a farm. The farmer makes the mistake of asking the students if they have any questions as Rem Dog asks the farmer why a cow has many udders. The questions escalate really quickly as Alfie joins in. The farmers show them a pig with a horn attached to its head, the ‘pig rhino’ Rosie is talking about how badly the animals are treated at the farm as the kids are taken to a barn and taught about how ink is made. Isobel and Fraser’s school trips are seen briefly as Alfie and Joe are back at the farm and Alfie is drunk. They talk about Rosie. Alfie decides to make a grand gesture by releasing a pig into the wild. Alfie then approaches Rosie and convinces her to leave the farm with him. The bus driver has to use the toilet and Alfie takes over driving.

Alfie runs over the pig that he freed earlier and Rosie finds the horn. Alfie stares at Joe and gets him to confess that it was all his fault, covering for his teacher, such a nice student. The bus has broken down and everyone begins to think of ways to get out of the wilderness. They begin trekking through the woods and Alfie finds berries. He thinks they’re cranberries and eats them. Soon his smile begins to look distressed. The students take out their packed lunches as Alfie realizes that he really shouldn’t have eaten the berries. They carry on walking after lunch, but Alfie has begun hallucinating. Rosie sees two fishermen and tries to get their attention. She asks the students where Alfie is and he’s still high on the berries. He then tells her that he let the pig go, which upsets her and she leaves.

Alfie sits on a tree log and Chantelle and Stephen join him. Chantelle is sorry about her attitude as Stephen lets the name out of her ex, Finley. Alfie rejoins the group and talks about being in scouts. He gives them tasks to do. In the evening, Alfie spots people in cars and goes to ask for help. It turns out that they’re having sex inside the case, though Alfie continued to try to convince them to help, even though this is a very uncomfortable situation. They wind up saying that they just need ten minutes, but wind up giving everyone a ride home. Alfie apologizes to Rosie on a bench and she hugs him. Someone from one of the cars whistles at the students as they are picked up and taken back to the school. The parents meet their kids and take them home. Rosie’s date turns up and Alfie tells her to go and enjoy herself. Rosie walks over as Alfie hears “You must be Finley” Yep, Chantelle’s ex is Rosie’s date. Chantelle chases him as Stephen tries to stop her.

So, that’s the episodes that I’ve covered and thank you for reading through. You can find me on Twitter with the handle @immiebroods if you wish to discuss the show further and share your thoughts on it.

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