Happy Death Day Review via @erinwise82


This lovely little thriller stars Jessic Rothe, Isreal Broussard, and the beautiful Rudy Modine…….(Daughter of our favorite Stranger Papa ;-]).

Quite frankly, if you haven’t yet seen this terrific flick, I highly suggest you do! 

The movie starts off with Tree (Rothe) waking up in a strange kid’s (Broussard) dorm room. Throughout the day Tree shows us what a little spoiled gets everything she wants brat she is, to her “friends”, even her roommate (Modine)…..

Did I mention it’s her birthday?

On her way to a party….she’s murdered.


In a Groundhog’s Day like spin, she wakes right back up in strange kid’s bed all over again.

Replaying the day over and over, until she figures out who’s killing her.

I don’t think I laughed so hard watching a “horror” movie…I mean, duh, Freddy, but people this was a close second. There was action, like when Tree went all Buffy, there was romance…sorta haha, definitely suspense with that awesome plot twist.

In my opinion, this movie was amazing. It sure did lift my spirits and was exactly what the doctor ordered.

If you’re looking for a hella good fun scary movie check this out!

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