#Constantine Episode Two Recap from @ImmieBroods

Welcome back to my reviews for each episode of Constantine. There’s so much I want to say about this fantastic television series. Let’s get on with episode two “The Darkness Beneath”

It starts off with Heddwich, Pennsylvania. A large group of miners are heading back from the mines to go home and rest.One miner goes home to his wife. He goes straight for the bottle of liquor, while his wife tells him that dinner isn’t ready. He decides to go have a shower because of all of the soot that comes along with the job of being a miner. A mysterious black goo starts to leak from the shower head and turns into flames, burning him alive. John and Chas are back at the Tardis house. John informs Chas that they’re heading to Heddwich first with the map that Liv left for them to use. The blood dot over Heddwich is fresh which means they know exactly where to go next. Because of personal issues, Chas cannot go to Heddwich so John goes alone.

The young woman who was drawing in the last episode at the end is here again and she’s still drawing John. Although she is getting irritated by the fact that she keeps drawing him, even though she’s never met him. John is out in the streets and she’s drawing him exactly how he is. She leaves her apartment, angry. She just needs to walk it off. She bumps into him and the look on her face is priceless. He’s busy with the quick wit and charm while she’s trying to explain her drawings. She wants answers, but he’s creeped out by the drawings she has on her. He tries to brush her off, but she begins to describe him “dirty blonde hair, curled lip and the bad posture.” She still wants answers, but he uses misdirection to escape from her. Little does he know, she’s used the situation to grab his ID.

He gets to a Welsh pub where the other miners mourning the loss of their coworker. He makes a joke about the Welsh flag, which is funny because the actor playing Constantine is Welsh. He’s basically asking around concerning what exactly happened with the coworker. One of the miners tells him about a knocking sound he heard, deep in the mines. John has a lead. He goes to the mines and creates a distraction for the guard sitting outside, letting him slip past. He goes deep into the mines with a torch and a hammer. He uses his hammer to knock the rocks, he gets a response knock. Rubble starts falling as he tries to run out.

Constantine goes to pay his respects to the recently deceased. Everyone else has brought food they made while he’s holding a frozen chicken dinner for one. He just casually drops it on the table next to the other cooked dishes. When he sees the “Keep Out, Family Only” sign, he completely ignores it to investigate the shower. Constantine uses an empty pill bottle to take some of the black goo from the shower head to investigate it, but is interrupted by the widow. He tries to run his theory by her, but she is sad about her husband’s death. She mentions a story about a Romany girl, but then makes a pass at John. He refuses and this upsets her. He’s trying to leave, but she’s following him and yelling. The other miners get involved to deal with him. He fights back, but is face to face with the boss of the mine, Thad. They’re trying to figure out who John is while he’s talking about the thing that’s knocking at the bottom of the mines.

John makes it back to his hotel and the artist from earlier is there in his bedroom. She’s been investigating him while he’s been doing the same to her. Her name is Zed, she’s also trying to figure out who he really is because of all the drawings. She’s had visions and feelings that she can’t control. She grabs his right arm and starts to feel exactly what he feels. She lets go and he sees she is Clairsentient, which I’m guessing is both clairvoyant and highly spiritual. He helps her meditate, but pours some of the black goo on her hand. She has a vision that leads them to a church. He sneaks out to St. Asaph church which has been boarded up and closed to the public. He hears a noise and tells the spirit to show itself. It turns out it’s just a young couple having sex. They get dressed and John sees a bogeyman painting on the wall of the church. The young couple are leaving as the guy says a few words about the painting. He puts a drop of his blood in a flask with water, chants in a different language, and pours the water over himself to see the spirit he’s dealing with. It’s a frightening one.

Zed is in the bar with the first guy that was being questioned earlier by John. He talks about losing his son, she listens and then leaves. She finds John asleep in her apartment and tries to make him leave. He explains what he does for a living so she can explain herself to him. A loud horn is heard. Zed knows there was a mine collapse and they rush to the scene to help. John jumps into a car with someone from the company who manages the mines. John tells the guy that they shouldn’t be digging in a place where man has no right to dig. It’s sacred to otherworldly spirits and shouldn’t be disturbed. Water and dirt fills the car and tries to drown both of them, but Zed comes to John’s rescue. The driver is dead with black goo pouring from his eyes.

Zed and John are walking down a street in Heddwich and everyone is staring. This is because John is still covered in mud from the car. He’s explaining the situation to Zed and worries that the oncoming darkness is causing these spirits to kill the miners. They go to the bar and the miners are busy listening to their boss. Zed mentions the drunk she spoke with, Ellis, an ex-priest, before he turned to alcohol after losing his son. Ellis could be getting payback for the son he lost. John seats Zed down and asks her to meditate again. They follow her vision to a campsite where he gives her a broom to ward off evil and she asks him what he’ll be using, “my wits” is his reply. I can’t explain all of his wit here. You have to see the charm he brings to Constantine, he’s very funny. Ellis explains that the spirit is after the bosses and one is left, Thad.

Thad and his son are in the mines and the spirit attacks them. John turns up with Zed and he tries to reason with the spirit in corporeal form. John basically reminds the spirit that it’s a protective one and it leaves in peace. Thad has died, but his son is still alive. Ellis arrives and there’s a controlled explosion. The mine is shut down, leaving the spirits at rest.

John returns to see the widow. She’s the one that’s been raising the spirits. He realizes that she’s the Romany girl she was talking about earlier. She orders the spirits around John to kill him, but he summons her dead husband to kill her. His job really isn’t an easy one, but he wants to save Astra from Hell so he does what he can. He goes back to his hotel and finds Zed drawing on his bed. They both make valid points for working alone, but agree to work together. He passes out with another voice-over about faith while Zed is seated near him. It’s a brilliant show that gets better with each episode and definitely something fun to watch.

You can find me on Twitter with the handle @immiebroods tweet with me about the show, I really like what they’ve done with this character and the supporting characters are fantastic. I’d like to know what you think about this show. Thank you for reading my review.

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